The mission of the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization is to strengthen and celebrate the Sheridan Neighborhood.

Sheridan Neighborhood Organization


The mission of the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization (SNO) is to strengthen and celebrate the community by facilitating connections between the residents, businesses and institutions of the Sheridan Neighborhood. SNO is dedicated to preserving the neighborhood's strengths, identifying and helping address the community's changing needs, and bringing positive improvements to all.

No one should feel barriers to participation in their neighborhood. SNO will provide equal access and equal opportunity to the services provided by the neighborhood to all persons, with people with disabilities being accommodated to the best of our ability and within reasonable extent. SNO is an entirely volunteer organization, and its board of directors will facilitate such accommodations.

Public Meetings: SNO Board members and committee chairs are committed to offer accessible meetings with accommodation as requested. SNO does not own its office or building space for public meetings. Instead, SNO's public meetings are generally held in locations that meet the accessibility standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Minnesota Human Rights Act and Title VII ("Civil Rights") of the Ordinances of the City of Minneapolis.

SNO's monthly meetings, open to the public, are generally held at Eastside Neighborhood Services, an ADA compliant site. Other available ADA compliant meeting venues include various rooms at Catholic Eldercare, the River Run community room, and the Pierre Bottineau Library community room. SNO's board, reachable at (612) 379.0728 or, will offer programs, services, activities and benefits that are accessible to neighbors with disabilities.

SNO committee meetings welcome the involvement of all Sheridan residents, businesses and institutions. Upon request for accommodation, committee chairs will schedule meetings in accessible locations. Committee meetings are typically held at SNO's Office, located on the first floor of the Frank Stone Gallery at 1226 NE 2nd Street, at the River Run community room or at Eastside Neighborhood Services. For accessibility, the ADA calls for buildings that offer:

• Accessible parking available for participants with signage indicating where the parking is located.
• At least one accessible entrance and signage that indicates where the entrance is located.
• Restrooms that are accessible and have accessible stalls.
• Elevators readily available for multi-floor buildings.

Public Notice of Accessibility & Accommodation: SNO Board members and committee chairs will ensure that every notice of a SNO public meeting or event will include a prominently displayed statement that the meeting is:

an accessible event and that requests for accommodations are welcome, and indicating the date by which an accommodation must be requested with a contact to make the request.

SNO's board members and committee chairs will, with active involvement that taps the knowledge of the neighbor making the request and other knowledgeable members where needed, address in a timely manner a request for accommodation at a meeting that would permit the person seeking the accommodation to participate in the meeting and receive and communicate information at the meeting. Such accommodations may include but are not limited to:

• Providing a sign language interpreter and/or assisted listening device to individuals with hearing impairments.
• Making sure that all distributed materials are available, if requested, in an alternative format.
• Providing readers for individuals with visual impairments.

SNO will post this "Plan for Equal Access" on our website at:

Accessible SNO Housing Programs: SNO currently and since the inception of its existence contracts with the Northeast Housing Resource Center, located within the accessible basement of the Catholic Eldercare building at 909 NE Main Street, to administer its housing programs (e.g., programs to help low-income residents make home or live-work space repairs or improvements, improve outdoor lighting or energy-conserving measures, resources for finding accessible and affordable housing, etc.).

Accessible SNO Events: SNO periodically holds public events to celebrate our neighborhood. SNO events are varied, including the annual SNO Ball and Ice Cream SNOcial amongst other events. The Ice Cream SNOcial has been held for several years in the parking lot area beside Two12 Pottery, a generally accessible location. The SNO Ball has moved around, and in February 2007 will be held at the Ritz Theater, a space renovated subject to ADA guidelines. SNO, in collaboration with the Minneapolis Park Board, has facilitated designation of our first and only park, along the river behind the Grain Belt Bottling Plant property.

In the past, SNO held a 'SNO Big Deal picnic on this land, and has a continuing history of cooperating with other organizations in an annual river front cleanup. Designs for the new park have been developed with the Park Board and a Veterans group, with a SNO Park Committee seeking funding for the prominent park veterans' memorial that is designed to be accessible. SNO's NRP Phase II plan calls for periodic neighborhood "Happenings" to involve neighbors in serving Sheridan. Events such as these, which are likely to continue, may pose unusual accommodation challenges. SNO's Board of Directors and committee chairs will, in cooperation with a requesting neighbor, work to address accessibility issues so that events are open to all to a reasonable extent for our all-volunteer organization.

For Issue Resolution Help: SNO's Board of Directors, with the timely and active involvement of neighbors with disabilities and other knowledgeable members, are committed to accommodate needs, but if we are stumped by accommodations that present an "undue burden" as defined by the ADA, by a situation that can only be determined on a case-by-case basis, we will contact Bob Miller (or current Director incumbent) at the City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP). NRP will consult legal counsel or an accessibility advisor for SNO as necessary to assist in resolving the issue to assess the problem and work cooperatively toward a solution.

FINAL – Adopted by SNO Board on 01/22/2007