Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes October 23, 2006 – By Pam Lohse

Welcome and Introductions: All board members were present with the exception of Nina Axelson and Seaen McKay.

Previous minutes were read, Melissa Davis motioned to accept the minutes, Susan Kulstad seconded and

minutes were approved.

Treasurer's report was given by Melissa Davis.

Representatives reports:

Second Precinct (2PAC): Bill Lloyd gave the following report. New technology in crime fighting. Shot locator (North & South Minneapolis) to be started in November 2006. Police are starting to use more cameras, Blackberry’s, etc. People are sill snipping wires from power lines for money. Sully's will be hiring security to patrol property. Twenty police officers will be added January 2007 and ten of those will be coming to the Second Precinct.

MEND: No report. Bob Sorg to meet with Mike Rainville.

Grain Belt Phase I: Ross Feffercorn is still in question. City to decide on future of project. Ross wants to meet with board to discuss extensions.

AFCAC: Chris Koelfgen would like to find alternate. He is still planning on attending the October 24 meeting.

CARE: Bob Sorg and Bill Lloyd attended the October 18 meeting. On-line complaint forms to be filled out and sent to Diane Hofstede's office. (Complaints on problem properties, child neglect, etc.). November 15 meeting to be held at East Side Neighborhood Services from 7 to 8:30 pm.

Committee Reports:

Events Committee: No report

NRP: Next meeting at East Side Neighborhood Services, November 27, from 6 - 7 pm. Phase 2 is finished and the next step will be talking about contracts concerning housing programs with loans, full report on Phase 1 projects, fix-n-paint rollover, signage, etc. Revolving loan program to be started spring 2007.

Business Committee: No report

SNO Art: No report

Open Mic:

- Chris Koelfgen reporting on the Arts commission wants people to e-mail your councilman to vote for the arts. Also e-mail about the closing of the libraries. Support your library!!

- Kirsten Rome reported that Springboard fro the Arts is sponsoring a health fair November 11 at Intermedia Arts from 10 am to 2 pm/ Also "Start your own business" panel, November 2 at East Side Neighborhood Services from 1 - 3 pm.

- Sally Waterman asked for more volunteers for October 28 park and river cleanup at 9 am. Also suggested a pot luck in December? And for people that were tagged in the city inspection, more information should be available for financing.

Art District Logo: Debbie Woodward presented 4 different designs from a design firm (Dan Donovan) and each were discussed. Frank Stone suggested metal coretan with cut out letters with a stainless banner.

Branding issues need to be discussed and determined (NEMA) since you will have to have permission to use the trademark/logo. Next step is finalizing the logo, contract work and more bids. Selection to be made by October 30, 2006.

Frank Stone Addition: Frank Stone would like to add-on a second story to his building. Madame Dora's to move upstairs. Handicapped toilets to be added as well.

Announcements: Bill Lloyd announced there is now a website listing addresses of registered sex offenders.

New Business:

- SNO Board is required to have an ABA plan for a neighborhood organization. Susan Kulstad is working on a draft for the website and yahoo listserve.

- Sheila Biernat would like people to sign up for the list serve. Also, she announced a Northeast fitness and walking program and needs to have a volunteer from the neighborhoods.

- Jason Adams (and a group of investors) is interested in buying the Grain Belt office building.

Melissa Davis moved to adjourn the meeting, Susan Kulstad seconded and motioned carried.

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