Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes July 24, 2006

- Welcome and introductions

Previous minutes were read. Pam Lohse motioned to accept the amended minutes, Nina Axelson seconded and minutes were approved.

- Melissa Davis gave treasurer's report

-Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd reminded residents to keep doors locked even when outside. John Paul met with Richard Maas regarding the property at 1432-1434 Washington Ave. The police are trying to clean up that property and contact the owner.

MEND: No Report

AFCAC: No Report

GB Phase One: No Report

Artist Task Force: No Report

-Committee Reports

Events Committee; Ice Cream SNOcial reminder that it will be held on Thursday September 7th.

NRP: Susan Kulstad spoke briefly about the approval process for Phase II of the NRP. Seaen MacKay made a motion to approve the plan, Melissa Davis seconded, Nina Axelson abstained, and remaining members voted aye and the motion carried.

Business Committee: Discussion about the NECP inspection program and how it will be started. Training to be held August 12th @ noon to learn how to perform inspections. Nina Axelson suggested we help (reach out) to the neighbors before a letter is sent to the inspections dept.

Outreach Committee: No Report

SNO Art: Overview of the RFP and Town Hall input process was given. The selection panel met with three artists that were selected from the group who submitted proposals. The SNOart committee selected Zoran Mojsilov as the artist for the project. The process is now in the hands of the developer, Sherman & Associates.

Open Microphone:

- Seaen MacKay handed out community impact statements and discussed their importance.

- A Sheridan resident related a break-in experience with the group.

- Lighting was discussed, including street lighting and other options to dissuade crime and increase safety.

Sheridan Memorial Park: No report, presenter not able to attend meeting.

Holland School Re-Use: An Islamic Cultural Center is proposed for the site, only one RFP was received for the school. The proposed center would offer cultural and religious services 7 days a week with the possibility of up to 1,000 people in attendance. Discussion about the usage and whether it will conform to the residential zoning or if it would need to be rezoned or a conditional use permit/variance needed for the intended use. Diane Hoefstad was in attendance and spoke about the project. There is a new city planner handling this RFP and Sheridan neighborhood would like to have the planner attend our next neighborhood meeting.

New Business: No new business

Melissa Davis moved to adjourn the meeting Pam Lohse seconded and motioned carried.

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