Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes September 25th, 2006

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Pam Lohse and Nina Axelson.

Previous minutes were read and amended, Susan Kulstad motioned to accept the amended minutes, Bill Lloyd seconded, Melissa Davis abstained and minutes were approved.

- Treasurer's report was given by Melissa Davis.

-Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: There is a big crack down on problem properties and a rental license was revoked on a property in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood. A new problem property @ 1430 5th Street NE with reports of gunshots fired on August 23rd was discussed. There is work ongoing regarding the problem property @ 15th & Washington. The police dept. is stationing 2 squad cars on the ends of Marshall Street on Thursdays and Saturdays to deal with Gabby's customers. Bill will also be asking for a donation of $100 to go to 2PAC in the upcoming months for outstanding officer awards.

MEND: No Report

AFCAC: No Report- SNO is going to contact Chris Koelfgen.

GB Phase I: Ross Feffercorn and his group did not close on the GB Phase I property September 1st and his group is now in default. He has until October 18th to complete funding or the contract can be canceled by the City.

Artist Task Force: No Report

CARE Partnership for action: Next meeting will be held October 18th at Eastside Neighborhood Services from 7:00-8:30 pm. Additional meetings to be held @ ESNS are November 15 and December 20th.

Volunteer Opportunity: There are several volunteer opportunities available: Wellness Program, Fund Raising, 13th Avenue Plan, Grant writing, SNO Park.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee; Seaen MacKay gave a final report on the SNOcial, total money spent was $ 536.23 (under budget by $ 63.77). Estimated attendance was 150. Fun had by all once again.

NRP: Clarification of the board action to move money from the absentee landlord program to the business revolving loan program was discussed. There will be many volunteer opportunities for Phase II. The next NRP meeting will be held Oct 16th at 7:00 pm at the SNO office to discuss NRP Phase I closeout and the steps to start Phase II implementation.

Business Committee: Jeff Moritko sent a letter thanking SNO for all its support over the years.

Outreach Committee: Need to get the phone tree up and running again.

SNO Art: There is a need for the SNOart committee to discuss with Crescent Trace condominiums an artsy bus stop for outside the building on 2nd Street NE.

Sheridan Park: Jenny Fortman gave an overview of the fund raising challenges that are to come and also spoke of the 15K DNR grant for shoreline clean up to be held on Oct 28th @ 9:00 am at the park and that the grant requires 20 volunteers to help clean.

Open Microphone:

- Jim Brown has retired from Two12 Pottery.

- The school bus stop that is on Marshall Street is currently at the bend and should be moved back down the street to avoid this area as it has proved to be very dangerous.

River Run Town Homes: Loren Bruggeman discussed the changes to the project and that the flat roof is back per the original plan. The sidewalk and front porch construction has changed slightly. There will now be 10 units instead of 11 and Sherman & Associates expects to begin construction on the 5 northern units in Oct. 2006 with a construction schedule of about 15 months. Each unit will be approximately 2,200 SF and will cost between $280-$295K. The city planning dept may need a letter of support for Zoran's art project.

New Business: No new business.


- Diane Hofestad spoke about the 3rd ward summit and the closing of public libraries.

- There is a free self defense training course coming up.

Seaen MacKay moved to adjourn the meeting Susan Kulstad seconded and motioned carried.

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