Minutes from Sheridan Neighborhood Organization Meeting

Monday October 22, 2007 – Eastside Neighborhood Services, 1700 Second Street NE

Board Members Present; Bob Sorg, Mike Romens, Seaen MacKay, Bill Lloyd. Absent; Pam Loesch, Melissa Davis

1. Call to Order from the President (7:00 P.M.)

2. Introductions and Review of Meeting Agenda: When a speaker who was not on the agenda arrived, an item was added to the agenda.

3. Mike read previous meeting minutes. Minutes were amended. Seaen moved to accept and approve September Community Meeting minutes. Bill seconded and the item was adopted.

4. Treasurer's Report: Seaen informed SNO that Melissa Davis resigned as SNO Treasurer and Board Member. There are two open spots on the SNO Board of Directors. Seaen assumed duties previously assigned to the treasurer. Included in this work was closing out and finalizing the 2006 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) budget so that 2007 funds could be released to SNO. SNO is due reimbursement from the Fund in the amount of $3017.52 and will receive $2000.00 as an advance on the 2007 contract. Seaen reported that SNO has $18,642.23 in the General Fund and $7,282.82 in the Sheridan Memorial Park Fund. Susan Kulstad was recognized for her recent contribution to the park in the amount of $250.00

5. Representative Reports:

A. Second Precinct Advisory: No Report

B. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development: Bob reported that MEND met to discuss how to address the problem of home foreclosures.

C. Sheridan Memorial Park Task Force: Mike reported that a Land Dedication Ceremony is being planned for Saturday November 10, 2007 at 10:00 A.M and that a call was still out for volunteer tree planters.

D. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee: No Report

E. Partnership for CARE: Bob reported that the University of Minnesota Chief of Police addressed the group. The university has 1100 surveillance cameras installed. There are 742 boarded up homes in the 2nd Precinct. The Department of Regulatory Services in the City of Minneapolis is taking a $400,000.00 budget reduction. Problem properties can be reported to councilmember Diane Hofstede's office.

6. Committee Reports:

A. Events Committee: The 9th Annual SNO Ball will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2008 at the Ritz Theater.

B. NRP: John Akre reminded SNO that an Electorate Representative and an Alternate from the neighborhood are needed to vote for the next NRP Policy Board Member for Redirection Neighborhoods. Sheridan is a Redirection Neighborhood. Susan Kulstad received gratitude for her contribution to Sheridan Neighborhood for organizing the Lights on Sheridan event. Susan announced that the rebate program for exterior lighting continues – forms are available at the Housing Resource Center and on the SNO website – offering a 50% rebate on the cost of the fixture and a 25% rebate on installation. Free CFB's come with participation in the program. John Akre requested SNO Board approval of a letter related to NRP funding.

C. Business: The 13th Avenue Business Association is about to roll out promotion to encourage shoppers to spend more.

D. Outreach: Seaen mentioned entertaining the notion of an online newsletter since fewer people can attend meetings. Note was made that a meeting notice was not delivered through "SNOmail" for today's meeting.

7. Open Microphone: Ellen French, renter, 1124-26 2nd St NE, presented a Letter of Intent to open a hair salon and art gallery at the above referenced address. The owner, Shiv N. Tanda is described as difficult, uncooperative, largely absent and unwilling to assist Ms. French in obtaining any necessary permits, licenses, variances or conditional use permits despite Ms. French's investment in the property. SNO made recommendations for next steps to Ms. French.

8. Summit Meeting Summary: A Third Ward Summit was held on Saturday October 13. Topics included housing inspections, regulations, the 35W Bridge over the Mississippi River and the Arts. Mike reported that Mary Altman from the City of Minneapolis Arts Commission led a discussion on the Arts. According to Mary, the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is an honorary distinction only and will receive no additional consideration from the City of Minneapolis because there are other areas in the city that promote the arts. Mary intensified her point about the no prestige of our arts district by suggesting that the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District received enough money from the City of Minneapolis when the city agreed to sell Grain Belt Area Building(s) to Art Space at a write down of $3 million so that the space would be made perpetually affordable for artists. Seaen reported that the Regulatory division sounded the alarm about the overwhelming number of foreclosures in the Third Ward.

9. Parking Variance: Michael MacKay, renter and Frank Stone, owner, requested a Letter of Support for a new restaurant and associated Parking Variance at 1222 2nd St NE. Mike Romens made a motion that SNO write a Letter of Support. The motion passed.

10. Elizabeth Wilenski: Elizabeth Wilenski, Columbia Park Neighborhood and SAVE the NRP, handed out a letter in support of NRP Phase II funding. The City of Minneapolis Ways and Means Committee was considering a proposal to fund NRP Phase II at 70% of the amount that was originally earmarked for each neighborhood in the city. The NRP funding pool was reduced because the Common Project revenues were less than expected and the State of Minnesota tax structure bended so that more revenue receipts came in from homeowners than businesses. NRP had relied more heavily on business tax revenue. City of Minneapolis Councilmember, Paul Ostrow put forth a motion to fund NRP Phase II at 70% during a Committee of the Whole meeting last week. The motion passed at the next City Council meeting. Seaen made a motion to send the letter in support of higher NRP funding to the City Council with copy to the Mayor of Minneapolis R.T. Rybak.

11. Announcements: John Akre will be showing his film "Wargoon Flishe," on Nov. 19 at the Ritz Theater.

12. New Business: No New Business

13. Seaen moved to adjourn the meeting Bill seconded. The motion carried and the meeting ended.