Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes November 26th, 2007, By Seaen MacKay.

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Pam Lohse and Mike Romens.

Previous minutes: No previous minutes available

Treasurers Report: Report given by Seaen MacKay

-Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: New officers were nominated/elected to the 2PAC board. A regulatory person will come to 2PAC each week to review problem properties. There will be Central Avenue planning on February 1st & 7th. Auto thefts are on the rise again. There is a new crime trend where thieves are turning off the power poles to homes and then robbing them. If you see anyone messing around with or hanging out by utility power poles call 911. Letters are being sent out to residences that are having loud parties. Gabby's is nearing the final hearing on its operating and liquor license.

MEND: No Report

Park Committee: Jenny Fortman reported that the park has raised approximately 600,000 with another 600,000.00 to go. The Park Task force will be looking at grant possibilities. Northeast bank donated $5,000 for a bench. In a prior meeting the SNO board approved a motion for $1,000 to go toward printing brochures. Jenny presented pricing options for the brochures. Seaen MacKay made a motion to amend the dollar amount to $1,174.00, Bob Sorg 2nd and motion carried.

AFCAC: There is still not enough participation but AFCAC is attempting to tie together different city groups through the Riverfront Corporation. If this concept is approved by AFCAC it will then move forward to interdepartmental city agencies and then finally to the legislature to be approved.

CARE Partnership for action: There was no November meeting. The next meeting will be held on December 5th to talk about how the CARE program is working and get community input. There will also be discussions on home foreclosures.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee: Seaen Mackay spoke briefly about the upcoming SNO Ball. Seaen MacKay made a motion for a $5,000 budget, Bill Lloyd 2nd and motion passed.

NRP: In August 2006 SNO made a motion to shift money from the Absentee Landlord program to the Business Loan program and a letter was sent to NRP at that time. NRP has asked to have SNO reaffirm this motion. Seaen MacKay made a motion to move the money as described in the original motion of August 2006, Bob Sorg 2nd and motion carried.

Business Committee: Bob Sorg reported that the business committee has started a business promotion that consists of a card that can be punched by the various merchants along 13th Avenue and the participant will be entered into a drawing for prizes. The committee is also running ads on Air America.

Web page:

Outreach: Still needs a leader.

Open Microphone: Chuck Sullivan talked about the 150th anniversary of AIA and presented SNO with a "Community Toolbox" which consists of various materials for design.

Councilwoman Diane Hofstede wants to start dialog about developments in our area and wants to be on the January meeting agenda. Also she said there will be upcoming community meetings regarding Holland School and its future.

Announcements: Susan Kulstad spoke about the MN Energy Challenge and how to sign up for and take the challenge as a SNO Partner.

There will be a meeting of the Eastside Bike Task Force on Wednesday January 2nd @ Elsie's.

Eastside Co-op will be having a member art show during the month of December.

New Business: No new Business.

Seaen MacKay made a motion to adjourn, Bill Lloyd 2nd and motion carried.