Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes January 22nd, 2007 – By Seaen MacKay

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Melissa Davis.

Previous minutes were read; Nina Axelson motioned to accept the minutes, Pam Lohse 2nd and minutes were approved.

No Treasurer's report available

-Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: There will be new beat officers at the Eastgate Shopping center, Dinkeytown and the Lowery & Central avenue area. Thefts of scrap metal are still prevalent throughout the city and the police are working with scrap dealers to combat this crime. Sully’s Bar was closed and Gabby’s Bar has had restrictions placed on their business activities to address citizens concerns. Overall in the 2nd precinct there has been a 5% overall increase in crime compared to last year.

MEND: No Report

AFCAC: Chris Koelfgen stated that AFCAC was having a meeting on January 23, and that a presentation from Coloplast for development of their proposed world headquarters to be located on Marshall & 17th. We are still need of a SNO alternate for this committee.

CARE Partnership for action: The problem properties are continuing to be addressed and CARE is looking at new properties. The property that is located two doors down from the Sample Room has been condemned by the City. The next meeting will be held February 21st @ Fairview Park. These meetings are open to all residents of SNO and surrounding NE neighborhoods.

Memorial Park Task Force: Jenny Fortman gave us an update of the Park project stating that the overall costs of the park are estimated at 1.6 million and that so far the park has approximately 600,000 in committed resources. The committee is working on the logo and promotional materials and a website has been set up at . Unfortunately the park committee was not invited to participate in the McKnight grant application. Jenny asked the board for a letter of support for the Park Board Committees efforts for the upcoming Park Board meeting. Motion made by Seaen MacKay, Nina Axelson 2nd and motioned carried.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee; A reminder was given about the SNO Ball and a brief overview of the event.

NRP: The next meeting will be held in the SNO office Monday January 29th. The current housing stock and deferred loan program were discussed. NRP is having city wide forums regarding the program with the next one to be held January 31st, 6:30 pm at the Firefighters Museum.

Business Committee: No Report

SNO Art: No Report

Open Microphone:

- Mike Romens talked about the Ritz Parking problems and asked for SNO to approve a resolution; this was moved to new business.

- Seaen MacKay asked for volunteers to take a branch of the phone tree.

- Post cards? What happened? Cost constraints? Get them going again...

GB Office Building: Judy Cedar from the City of Mpls. presented the five RFP's for the property. The review team which consisted of members of the cities various branches had reviewed all the RFP's and recommended United Properties because they had the most comprehensive proposal. The City has committed 17 parking spaces to the building. The item was opened up for conversation with questions and comments on all five proposals. Ms. Cedar was looking for community input and the board’s recommendation or opposition to these proposals. An informal straw vote was taken among the board regarding the United Properties RFP's and all board members voted in favor of UP's RFP with the exception of Nina Axelson because she was not able to review the RFP's. The board did express its concern about parking for any proposed business in that location and asked Ms. Cedar that she include this in her report to the City Council at the February meeting.

331 Club: Jarret Oulman, Jon Oulman and Ms. Laura Boyd a consultant to the 331Club said that they had submitted an application to the City to upgrade to a Class A liquor license in order to provide amplified music to their patrons. The 331 may have to have a public hearing and if so would like to combine it with a neighborhood monthly meeting. The 331 asked for a letter of support for the Class A license. Susan Kulstad motioned to write a letter of support, Bill Lloyd 2nd and motioned carried.

New Business:

- Mike Romens discussed the parking issues associated with NELC and the Ritz Theater. Mike presented a SNO 13th Ave proposed parking resolution that he asked SNO to review and support for the upcoming NELC board meeting. The board read the resolution and made a motion to accept the resolution with changes as suggested by Nina Axelson, Pam Lohse 2nd and the motion carried.

- Sheila Biernet spoke about the Get Fit twin Cities program and asked for SNO volunteers to participate in this challenge.

- ADA Proposal and adoption of language therein was discussed. This proposal was posted on the website and also sent via SNOmail for broad review and comment. The proposal was shorted with comments received during the comment period. Susan Kulstad made a motion to adopt the ADA proposal, Bill Lloyd 2nd and motion carried

Announcements: None

Nina Axelson moved to adjourn the meeting Susan Kulstad, seconded and motioned carried.

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