Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes February 26th, 2007 – By Seaen MacKay

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Nina Axelson & Pam Lohse.

Previous minutes were read; Bill Lloyd motioned to accept the minutes, Susan Kulstad 2nd, Melissa Davis Abstained, and minutes were approved.

Treasurer's was given by Melissa Davis

-Representative reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: the 2nd precinct will start a juvenile unit to deal with crimes. Crimes in 2007 compared to 2006 are down overall with the exception of car thefts. A DWI court is up and running for those with at least 2 convictions, this court is utilizing different methods to deter DWI. The issue of the legality of ticket cameras is going before the MN Supreme Court. The Super America gas station is going to close off one of its entrances to help prevent people from gathering in the parking lot. The 2nd precinct will be having an open house on May 14th from 2-4 PM. Also, reminders to keep an eye out for people entering or leaving vacant homes as copper thefts are ongoing.

MEND: No Report

AFCAC: Chris Koelfgen attended the AFCAC meeting on January 23, and gave a report on presentation from Coloplast for development of their proposed world headquarters. Coloplast has partnered with United Properties and RSP Architects for the design and development of the proposed project. The project would be looking for 2 variances, one for height and also to vacate 17th St. K & K Recycling located on 2nd Street North are planning on rehabbing their property with a new building and a 10’ perimeter fence.

CARE Partnership for action: Bill Lloyd gave the following report: 501 4th St NE has been addressed, 2136 Marshall is in non-compliance with the city, and the Super America on Broadway & University will be adding more lighting and possibly cameras to deter crime. Shot Spotter in now up and running as of March 1st in North and the city plans on installing another 30 in August. The next meeting will be held March 21st @ Fairview Park. These meetings are open to all residents of SNO and surrounding NE neighborhoods.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee; SNO Ball raised over $10,000 with the final to be tied out by Seaen MacKay & Melissa Davis. Seaen MacKay made a motion that roughly $10,000 would be split 30/70 pending final audit with SNO treasurer, Susan Kulstad 2nd and discussion followed. Jim Bovino requested a letter about the forthcoming donation from the SNO Ball for a Bush foundation matching grant. Seaen MacKay will write the letter for the Ritz. Motion passed with all members in favor.

NRP: The next meeting will be held in the SNO office Monday March 19th to put the finishing touches on the housing programs RFP. John Akre requested board approval of two items: 1) the contract between NRP/NEMAA for the NE Mpls signage and kiosk contract to designate the arts district. Seaen MacKay motioned to accept the contract, Bill Lloyd 2nd and motion passed. 2) The “Bridging Communities' Shooting Stars grant and the NRP funds designated to the youth program be approved by the board. Seaen MacKay motioned to approve, Bill Lloyd 2nd and motion carried.

Business Committee: No Report

Open Microphone:

- Kirsten Rome spoke about the "Shooting Stars" youth photography program. The contact e-mail is:

- Melissa Davis encouraged people who shop at the new Lund's store to request paper bags be available to shoppers.

- Chris Keolfgen spoke about 2007 Arts commission and the upcoming Mosaic meeting to be held in March.

- Eastside Co-op has a program that provided snacks for NE neighborhood monthly meetings. Seaen MacKay stated the Sally Waterman had volunteered to pick up the treats and she would like an alternate and Susan Kulstad volunteered.

- Jim Bovino told the group that he was the new managing director of The Ritz. He also spoke of the ongoing issues of parking. NELC and The Ritz agreed to change the language appearing on the exterior parking signs but the parking lot still has issues with lighting.

Seaen MacKay moved to adjourn the meeting Melissa Davis seconded and motioned carried.

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