Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes March 26th, 2007, By Seaen MacKay. amended 5/21, Bill Lloyd motion to approve amended minutes, Mike Romens 2nd and motion carried.

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Nina Axelson...

Previous minutes were read; Melissa Davis motion to accept minutes, Bill Lloyd 2nd, and minutes were approved.

Treasurer's was given by Melissa Davis

-Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: There is a new effort to rid the streets of prostitution with a "Dear John" program where volunteers take down the license numbers of suspected Johns and a letter is then written to the vehicle owner in an effort to deter them. There is a new newsletter called the Defender that is being published with crime and police info. 2PAC is looking into linking there website to SNO’s. Graffiti is still on the rise and Bill Lloyd may start a task force to remove it in SNO.

MEND: No Report

AFCAC: No Report, next meeting will be March 27th @ 7:00 pm.

CARE Partnership for action: Bill Lloyd gave the following report: Gabby's was again a topic at the meeting with ongoing concerns. As of March 14th Shot Spotter was officially on. When a gun shot is heard all cameras rotate and record the incident. There is a scrap metal bill moving thru the legislature and hopefully will become law. There is continued concern about the theft of copper from vacant homes. These meetings are open to all residents of SNO and surrounding NE neighborhoods.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee: No Report

NRP: John Akre informed the meeting that on Monday April 16th NRP will be holding a roundtable meeting @ ESNS 7:00pm to discuss the NE Arts district signage. John also gave an overview of the SNO NRP Housing program and the RFP for contractual services to administer the program. Seaen MacKay motion to accept the RFP, Bill Lloyd 2nd, motion carried.

CURA/Shooting Stars: Kirsten Rome stated the funding had finally been received and the program was up and running. Kirsten had photographs to share that were taken by the youth photographers of the program. The PBL library currently has the photos on display and will also have them up for ART-A-Whirl. Could still use help on the website development.

Business Committee: Merchants on 13th Avenue are still active and the contact is Drew Trampe @ Easel Street.

River District/Mr. Jon Oyanagi: Mr. Oyanagi introduced himself as the River District manager covering NE, SE, and 3 service districts. The Mpls. Parks district has now combined several departments and introduced a one stop shop for residents. Mr. Oyanagi gave an update on the NE parks, Sheridan memorial, Gluek Park and also the new bike and pedestrian path on the north side from Broadway to River Road.

Open Microphone:

- TomTaylor spoke about the NE Food Co-op and outreach between rural farmers and the community. The Co-Op will be hosting a series of upcoming community forums regarding organic produce and its impact. Currently there are 4 legislatative bills affecting family, farmers, organic and sustainable farming.


- Caution: A woman was sexually assaulted at Boom Island while jogging.

- Missing: a 20 year old man has been missing for 2 weeks. He was last seen at Gabby's.

- Hot Dish Revolution will be held April 21st at the Fire Fighters Hall & Museum.

- Bicycle Task Force is seeking funds for the development of the 18th Avenue Bikeway and the next meeting will be held Wednesday August 1st.

- NE Parade is seeking donations. Seaen MacKay made a motion to give $100. Pam Lohse 2nd and motion carried.

- NE Home tour will be 4/28 & 4/29.

New Business: Developments of the Bank building at 13th & 2nd, Lander Group. This item is moved forward.

Melissa Davis moved to adjourn the meeting Seaen MacKay seconded and motioned carried.

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