Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes May 21st, 2007, By Seaen MacKay.

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Pam Lohse & Melissa Davis

Previous minutes were read and amended, Bill Lloyd motion to accept minutes, Mike Romens 2nd, and minutes were approved.

No Treasurer's report

-Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: In April 2 police officers received the "Officer of the Month" award for their efforts to break up and arrest a drug ring working on Central Avenue. There has been an n increase of car thefts from approximately 50% up to 68% with all other crimes coming down. Non-essential overtime for police officers has been cut down. An arrest was made in the vehicle related homicide that took place on Main St. NE. The cost to the city per day for each arrestee is $285.oo

MEND: No Report

Park Committee: The official ground breaking has been delayed new time to be announced.

AFCAC: No Report.

CARE Partnership for action: Bill Lloyd gave the following report: The first week of Shot Spotter 29 shots were recorded, 3 arrests were made and 3 guns confiscated. More cameras will be up and running in July. The 2nd precinct is planning on meeting with bar owners to discuss issues and work together to solve them. There was an arrest in the Boom Island rape case. Crime on the Northside was down 20%. $700,000 is available for police overtime with $500,000 allocated to downtown. Community impact statements are available online and are very effective in the sentencing process. These meetings are open to all residents of SNO and surrounding NE neighborhoods.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee: No Report

NRP: John Akre gave the following report: The RFP for the administrative portion of the housing programs received two proposals. CEE & Gimmick both responded. Gimmick proposed a 7% blanket fee and CEE proposed an administrative fee per loan. NRP committee is recommending and asking for a board motion to accept the Gimmick proposal for administering the program. Seaen MacKay made a motion to accept the recommendation by John Akre to select Gimmick to administer the program, Bill Lloyd 2nd, discussion, motion carried.

The next big NRP program will be "Lights on Sheridan" with a kick-off meeting 6/18 at 6:30 meeting @ 331 Club.

Business Committee: No report.

Outreach: This committee still needs leadership.

Open Microphone:

- The Tree Trust has $15.00 trees available across from Lincoln Elementary.

- Great Art A Whirl again this year.

- GB Office building RFP was pulled from development; United Properties lost the tenant and backed out.

Lander Group Bank Building:

Bob Sorg read the variance received from the city. Ben Kerr from the Lander Group spoke about the proposed tenant "La Grossa" and that they had signed a Letter of Intent to occupy the space. The issue is parking and the current parking lot is zoned R2B which is a residential zoning. Lander Group has been in contact with North Memorial Clinic and have arrange a deal to lease parking space on evenings and weekends with a 60 days notice to cancel. The restaurant will be a trattortia style with a full liquor license but will not have a bar. The restaurant will seat approximately 100 people and perhaps an outdoor dining area too. Mike Romens motion to write a letter to Mpls. Zoning Dept. stating that SNO is in favor of the restaurant and the proposed parking variance. Seaen MacKay 2nd, much discussion, Bill Lloyd opposed the motion, all others voted AYE and the motion carried. Seaen MacKay will write letter.

New Business: Ryan Wipf, owner of the new SNAP Fitness on 2nd and Broadway introduced himself and spoke about the gym. Ryan also invited people to come to the grand opening and handed out free passes.

Seaen MacKay moved to adjourn the meeting Bill Lloyd seconded and motioned carried.

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