Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes June 25th, 2007, By Seaen MacKay.

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Pam Lohse, Melissa Davis and Mary Pennington.

Motion: Seaen MacKay made a motion to move Open Mic & Mpls. Probation officer up on the agenda. Mike Romens 2nd, motion carried.

Open Mic: Councilwoman Diane Hofestad provided information on the upcoming 3rd ward summit to be held October 13 @ City View school and asked for input on the tentative speakers, agenda and meeting style.

Minneapolis Probation: Ms. Donna Gillitzer introduced herself as the 2nd precinct juvenile probation officer working out of the 26th & Central Avenue office. Donna is working to interface with NE neighborhoods and is seeking to get juvenile offenders to serve restitution in the neighborhoods where they committed crimes. She also works on MORT detail and is responsible for the more violent juvenile offenders.

Previous minutes: were read and amended, Bill Lloyd made a motion to accept minutes, Mike Romens 2nd, and minutes were approved.

No Treasurer's report

-Representative reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: Minneapolis police currently have 76% of police force in the 2nd precinct are on patrol, of the 5 precincts 14.2% of the police calls come from the 2nd precinct, overall crime ytd is down 5%, Prostitution around 26th & Central is still a problem that police are trying to combat. A graffiti kit was given to Bill Lloyd which contains various chemicals and tools to remove the graffiti. Once graffiti is reported you have 10 days to remove it.

MEND: No Report

Park Committee: The official name is "Sheridan Memorial Park" and there will be a land dedication ceremony in the fall.

AFCAC: No Report.

CARE Partnership for action: Bill Lloyd gave the following report: There are 540 boarded up buildings/residences. A boarded building can be condemned by the city after 60 days; a condemned building can be demolished after 6 months. The committee discussed a tippling house at 718-720 Central Ave. Panhandling laws have gotten much stricter. These meetings are open to all residents of SNO and surrounding NE neighborhoods.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee: No Report

NRP: Susan Kulstad applied for a "Climate Micro Grant" and was awarded the grant. Susan also spoke about the "Lights on Sheridan" program which will allow residents to get low cost fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures. There will be a 10% rebate available for NE residents and a 25% rebate for SNO residents. The event is scheduled for Saturday September 29th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Susan requested that money be allocated for advertising. Seaen MacKay made a motion to allocate $650.00 for advertising, Bill Lloyd 2nd and motion carried.

Business Committee: Bob Sorg reported that the business committee met and collected money to print the lovely 13th Ave brochure.

Outreach: This committee still needs leadership.

Open Microphone: moved to beginning of agenda.

U of M Intern: Andy Larson introduced himself as the U of M CURA intern and will be performing historical research on the "Sheridan Memorial Park" markers for the various wars and also on peace markers. His idea is for 7 war markers representing the well recognized wars that have occurred since MN entered the statehood and possibly 10 peace markers. Jenny Fortman will be holding a brainstorming meeting coming up to discuss the historic data of the river area. Meeting to be announced.

New Business: Mike Romens spoke about absentee board member Mary Pennington and stated that he had spoken with her. He told her about the June monthly meeting and she was not present this evening, this is the third meeting that has not been attended. According to the SNO by-laws if a board member misses 3 consecutive meetings unexcused they may be removed from the board. Mike Romens made a motion to dismiss Mary from the board, Seaen MacKay 2nd and motion carried. Seaen MacKay will write a letter of dismissal.

Seaen MacKay moved to adjourn the meeting Mike Romens seconded and motioned carried.