Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes July 23rd, 2007, By Seaen MacKay.

Welcome and introductions- all board members present with the exception of Melissa Davis.

Previous minutes: were read and amended, Bill Lloyd made a motion to accept minutes, Pam Lohse 2nd, and minutes were approved.

No Treasurer's report

-Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd gave the following report: Lt. Huffman, spokesperson for MPD gave an informative overview of the police dept and what is happening within the police dept. Eleven police officers are being transferred to traffic duty with 3 of those officers coming from the 2nd precinct. The 3 seasoned officers will be replaced by new trainees. Prostitution on Central Ave is still happening and police are trying to combat this problem, there have been people partying/drinking behind the fenced area that runs along Central and which is owned by the railroad. Total crime is down 9.41% and the 2nd precinct has the highest arrest rate in the city. The statue that is planned to be placed in front of the 2nd precinct is on hold. National Night out is Tuesday August 7th and the Mayor will be visiting block parties through out the city.

MEND: No Report

Park Committee: The copy work is done on the brochures and the committee will be looking to get them printed in September and will be posting this information on the website. The committee is looking at using a link to the Mpls Parks Foundation website for donations online. The land dedication in the fall may include some planting of native prairie plants and flowers. The next brainstorming meeting will be held on Monday July 30th, 7:00pm at Jenny Fortmans house. U of M intern Andy Larson read some of the proposed marker engravings about the various wars that will be included in the memorial.

AFCAC: No Report.

CARE Partnership for action: Bill Lloyd gave the following report: The CARE meeting for July and August have been cancelled and will resume in September. Bill talked about SNO’s 2 walking groups which meet on the corner of 4th St NE & 13th Ave. NE. at 6:15 pm and walk for about an hour. These walks are Mondays and Thursday evenings and alternate every other week.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee: The ice cream SNOcial will be held the first Thursday of September the 6th from 6-8 PM.

NRP: John Akre spoke about the Lights On Sheridan program to be held on September 29th in the parking lot of the NE Bank building. The committee is looking to have both vendors and installers present at this event. The next NRP meeting will be held at the 331 Club on August 20th at 6:30 pm.

Business Committee: Bob Sorg reported that the business committee has started the branding of the arts district with a new web page:

Outreach: Still needs a leader and we spoke about SNO mail and the phone tree.

Open Microphone: Jenny Fortman said she has a new family member: Lucky a Springer spaniel. John Akre is serving on the Grand Rounds Missing Link committee. The Holland School is being looked at by a Church group and could possible have a Sunday school.

Announcements: National Night out is Tuesday August 7th and there will be gatherings at 5th & 13th and 4th & 13th Ave NE.

There will be a bike tour of Minneapolis on Sunday September 16th, more information to follow.

New Business: No new Business.

Pam Lohse moved to adjourn the meeting Bill Lloyd seconded and motioned carried.