Minutes from Sheridan Neighborhood Organization Community Meeting

Monday August 27, 2007 – Eastside Neighborhood Services, 1700 2nd St NE

Board Members Present; Bob Sorg, Mike Romens Pam Loesch, Bill Lloyd. Absent; Seaen MaKay, Mellissa Davis

1. Call to Order from the President (7:00 p.m.)

2. Introductions and Review of meeting Agenda

3. Pam read previous meeting minutes and moved to amend the agenda. Items were added to the agenda and some items were presented out of printed order.

4. Mike moved to accept and approve July Community Meeting minutes. Bill seconded and the item was adopted.

5. Treasurer’s report: Bob reported that SNO had $20,549.49 in the General Fund and $7,253.57 in the Park Fund. He announced that the Ritz Theater had been paid the agreed upon amount from February’s SNO Ball contract.

6. Representative Reports:

A. Second Precinct Advisory Committee: Bill recommended that SNO contribute $200.00 to the Second Precinct to fund advisory committee functions and awards. Bill reported that the University of Minnesota Chief of Police gave a presentation at the 2PAC meeting during which it was explained how the 46 officers in the U of M force support crime prevention and law enforcement in the Second Precinct of Minneapolis. Dave Campbell was named Second Precinct officer of the month of April for saving a human life. In June, a relative of a former SNO Board member was shot near 14th and Central Avenue NE. The victim is recovering. An arrest was made. Bill lauded the quality of police work in the Second Precinct by noting that car and car stereo theft rings were recently busted. Northeast Minneapolis Councilmember’s offices have a strong focus on “livability crimes.” The Second Precinct is short on officer staffing. The precinct is 6 officers shy for 2007 staffing. The staffing shortfall is blamed on too many budget cuts and not enough funding. It would take at least a year for training and replacement to rectify staffing shortage. Bill recommends calling Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty, to complain about the state of public safety in the Second Precinct of Minneapolis. 2PAC is accepting ideas for projects for their Community Service/Restitution Program. The Second Precinct Probation Officer on 26th and Central Avenue NE seeks to keep offenders involved in the program working close to where they live. Judges hand down 30-60% harsher punishments to criminals when Community Impact Statements are submitted. City Attorneys are seeking to amend laws pertaining to property crimes. An amendment would raise the felony threshold on property crimes from $500.00 to $1,000.00. The Second Precinct has suffered the most from an unmet goal of adding 70 new officers in the City of Minneapolis.

B. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development Report: No Report

C. Sheridan Memorial Park Task Force: Jenny Fortman announced the presentation of SNO Intern, Andy Larson’s final report and overview of the verbal content under consideration for ‘War’ and ‘Peace’ markers which are to be installed at a later date in the park at 13th Avenue NE and Water Street. Although the contracted time working with SNO has expired, Andy expressed willingness to cooperate with community members through consultation. SNO can request additional time from Andy through the employment program at the university if his schedule allows. Andy gave a recap of the war markers and explained that the concept of a peace marker was proving complicated due to issues centered on social justice and the differences of opinion and beliefs in the area of war and peace. Additionally, ‘peace’ is not clearly defined. Jenny showed prototypes of the Sheridan Memorial Park informational capital campaign and fundraising brochure and discussed wording for revision. Since the brochure is nearing completion, Mike made a motion to allocate $1000.00 for printing. Bill seconded. The motion passed.

D. Summit Meeting: The next Third Ward Summit is Saturday, October 13th, 2007 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at City View School on the north side of Minneapolis. City of Minneapolis Councilmember, Diane Hofstede, asked community members to prepare for the summit by considering questions such as: What projects do you see the community working on in 2008?, What are your accomplishments over the past few years?, and What do you have as longer term goals for the community?. The workshops at the summit will focus on the ‘Arts,’ and will have ‘key’ people present. Diane asked for SNO to identify areas in need of focus by listing 2 or 3 short term goals and 2 or 3 long term goals. A proposal to allow bingo in bars is being considered by the City Council. Public input meetings in regard to the reconstruction of the 35W Bridge over the Mississippi were announced. Grid changes impacting Hennepin Ave, University Ave, Central Ave, 4th St and 5th St were being determined by lawmakers and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Public comments can also be submitted directly to MNDOT by email and to the office of Diane Hofstede.

E. Partnership for CARE: No Report. Group meets in September.

7. Committee Reports:

A. Events Committee: Bill made a motion to allocate $600.00 from the General Fund to expenses related to the upcoming Sheridan Neighborhood Organization ‘Ice Cream Snocial.’ Mike seconded and the motion passed.

B. NRP: John Akre and Susan Kulstad passed out posters announcing the upcoming ‘Lights on Sheridan Event.” X-Cel Energy is declining to give away energy efficient light bulbs to the Sheridan Community. Susan is working on an NRP contract that would reimburse SNO for writing rebate checks to residents participating in the exterior lighting rebate program within seven days through direct deposit. The rebate program is being administered through the Northeast Housing Resource Center. A $1000.00 grant will pay for lightbulbs after January 2008. A vendor search is underway to perform exterior lighting installation. Pam made a motion to allocate $1000.00 to pay for NRP Committee approved purchases in relation to the Lights on Sheridan event including CFB, fluorescent and solar lighting, copying, advertising and associated costs. Mike seconded and the motion passed. Susan announced that Home Depot will bring outdoor lighting fixtures to the event. Lighting must be installed in order to receive a 50% rebate on the fixtures and 25% rebate on installation. The NEHRC will be at the event with applications for the program while bids from installation specialist(s) are being taken. To qualify for the program participants must be homeowners in Sheridan Neighborhood. Accent lighting is not eligible for rebate. Motion sensor lighting is permitted.

C. Business: No Report

D. Outreach: A SNO Brochure was discussed. Kirsten Rome requested materials for the ‘Shooting Stars’ youth photography program which she facilitates.

8. Open Microphone: Mike Romens reminded members of the ongoing Ritz Theater Foundation Capital Campaign and requested that community members continue finding donations for the nonprofit theater which is in debt. Bill Lloyd suggested having a fundraiser for Madame Dora who is ill. Kirsten Rome reported that youth soccer at St. Cyril’s Church has been discontinued based upon a single neighbor complaint. Kirsten said she would be writing a letter of support for youth soccer to the church.

9. New Business: Teresa Schweitzer is appointed to newly established SNO Representative Position as liaison to the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers’ Market Advisory Committee for the sustainability of the northeast Farmers’ Market.

10. Adjourned