SNO Board Meeting June 23rd, 2008


Jon Oulman

Ray Dehlen

Nancy Dehlen

Chris Thomas

Kirsten Rome

John Akre

Bill Lloyd

Nate Benton

Bob Sorg

Jennifer Markey

Mike Romens

Minutes were read by Nate and approved by Bill.

Budget is 682...

Shooting Star

NRP 7612.00

Bill read notes from 2PAC meeting; award for outstanding police work, assaults caught in progress, 3 last month, discussed repeal of lurking law, open house a success, citizens' award for burglary caught in progress, crime down 35%, passed by-laws

MEND-no report

Meeting called Saturday 7/5 about 18th Ave bikeway at Elsie's 9:30 PM

Discussed Sheridan Memorial Park

Above The Falls citizens' advocacy committee master plan along the river; new non-profit development corporation

AFCAC-someone from Sheridan to meetings?

CARE next meeting 7/16 at Eastside; previous meeting-

Dangerous dogs and what to look for

Gas shutoff ordinance committees

Ice cream social 9/9


Affordable housing in Sheridan-help publicize Homeowner Initiated Program-allow person to purchase house for less-land trust-lien on land; NPP has approved $60,000 in program-for people earning 50-60% of median metro income

Nate made a motion to approve Homeowner Initiated Program for Sheridan-Bill 2nd/passed

NRP funds-email John Akre about where they can go

NEMAA signage-Josh Blanc explained ways to deal with banner placement; NEMAA grant pays $2800.00 for signs; $15,900.00 for banners; 15,050.00 used;extention for more banners? Proposal submitted-in progress; banners are aluminum and will last many years; wayfinders are in the works. Signs will be up within 4-8 weeks in things go well

Bill made a motion to approved extension for NE Arts through NEMAA 1 year to June 30, 2009 and to spend extra $16,000.00-Kirsten 2nd/passed

13th Ave Business Association, Tuesday, 6/24 6:30 PM at Easel

Petition to up parking time from 60 to 90 minutes; signage for municipal parking easier to read

Outreach-advertising in the Northeaster, 4 times/year flyer inserts; one-time budget for printing and distribution, targeted by carrier route $1000.00 NRP; motion from Jon, 2nd by Bill/passed

Open mic

Kirsten-CURA $8000.00 in account funded by McKnight; NE Mpls & human migration & immigration patterns-think about what you would like to add to "Immigration Stories"

Neighborhood Garden Tour?

Wireless-Kirsten-advertising our neighborhood

Bearded Lady Block Party-July 26th 331-12-6; music 7-10-Chris Thomas-1 block/emergency access on 4th to municipal lot/music stage at 331's parking lot; Kirsten suggested a Hot Rod parade; Jon suggested neighborhood sponsor a band

Community work days; neighborhood cleanup, graffiti removal, litter pickup-looking for volunteers to work and lead groups; teams?-Mike will send reminders; Kirsten-project-paint neighborhoods, paint streets; Tuesday 6:30 walking club-pick up trash

Recent graffiti-kids on bikes 4:00 AM

Diane Hofstede would like comments, RE Minneapolis plan to enlarge University and Central Aves., on how to help keep busy streets small

Old Lucille's flower shop changing to coffee shop

Bob Sorg got $25,000.00 grant for façade improvements

Home improvement programs for seniors

Jon made a motion to adjourn; Bill 2nd/ passed