July 28, 2008 SNO Meeting Notes:

7 pm, East Side Neighborhood Services

Present from the SNO Board: Mike Romens, Bob Sorg, Kirsten Rome, Bill Lloyd,

Jon Oulman (unofficial guest secretary Sally Waterman)

Treasurers' Report: Bob Sorg

$20,532 in General Fund

$7,200 and $1,515 in Shooting Stars

$17,202.83 in Park Fund

($500.00 STAWNO Donation)

All bills are paid.

Representative Reports:

2Pac Report: Bill Lloyd:

Bill was at July 14th, 2008 meeting. There is plant to be very "aggressive" with pan handling in the 2nd Precinct. Police will find out who owns property to encourage policing of property as "private".

New Crime Prevention Specialist is our old crime prevention specialist .Carol Oosterhouse.

Gabby's Update: $10,137 to pay for fines that were levied. Inspector wanted $15,000 and received the money. Money will be used to buy back for officers 3 – 4 hours. There will be a Lieutenant and a couple off-duty police officers. Police will be in cars and on foot ½ hour before closing. 2 / 3 week plan has been implemented.

Third Ward Meeting: There is a now a full-time beat officer in the Dinkytown/ Stadium Village area.

No Mend Report

Sheridan Park Memorial: Jenny Fortman

Met in July, Ed Karbo's daughter was at the meeting. They focused on brainstorming about fundraising for the Park.

Jenny said there will be shoreline work in the fall, fundraising continues, vets are doing an excellent job increasing awareness.

Re: fundraising: Many foundations won't fund a capital campaign, and our park is considered a Capital Campaign. But Jenny said we'll keep looking and wants to talk to someone at Graco and will check with Mike Rainville re: possible contacts.

Susan Kulstad asked: "Will some of the park be started before all the money is raised?? Jenny said we have softscaping money, but need to be careful about how we prioritized and build-out. Also, if we build some of the park, there's concern that there will be less urgency to raise the rest of the money or the community will be under the mistaken impression that all the money has been raised.

Jenny is not opposed to contracting re: the park now, but plans may change. Susan Kulstad said she thinks we are showing some progress in the park and that may create excitement. Jenny, others, discuss that perhaps a sign would to help illustrate fundraising progress. Discussion about best location of sign: Marshall and Broadway, by Zorran’s sculptures? On side of Keg House facing Broadway bridge?

Discussion about other ways to keep momentum going. Should we have a November Veterans' Day Event to help generate excitement? An update in the SNO Kiosk? (Re: the SNO kiosk, Sally Waterman will deliver extra yellow paint to Bob Sorg so kiosk can be painted.)

CARE Advisor Meeting – Bill Lloyd:

Bill says this meetings have had huge turn-outs with city officials, reps from utility companies (Xcel Energy) to talk about gas and power shut-offs. If house is boarded for 60 days, gas will be shut off, house winterized and motion detectors installed (connected to alarm) to help eliminate problems caused by copper theft. 1.25 million more allocated by the city for teardowns that must be used by end of the year. 70+ properties are scheduled to be torn down by years end.

RNC coming to town Sept. 1 – 4,. What to expect, bring concerns to net CARE meeting July 29, 7 pm at ESNS.

Bill Lloyd said the house adjacent to Sentyrz (parking lot) was a meth lab and is now boarded up. Julyl 17, workers went in wearing Hazerdous Material. Suits to clean it up. See Bill if questions re: other problem properties.

13th Avenue Business Association: Jon Oulman:

Jon Oulman is President, Sara Buckley is Treasurere (Sarah is from Sassy Lu, shop in the Erte building.) (Sorry, when is this meeting again? Third what of every month? --SW)

NRP Committee and Community Discussion on the Reallocation of Sheridan's NRP Funds : John Akre

No August meeting, but two meetings in Sept.

Phase I NPR plan reallocations: NRP committee members will gather info and community will vote by dot-tocracy.

Ideas and Options, places to fund or reallocate 180,000 from GAP program and other retired programs.

o Add funding to housing program

o Sheridan Memorial Park: Add to $30,000

o Revolving loan for low interest loans

o Live/work program

o Down payment assistance program

o Land trust program

o Additional fix and paint funds?

o Use money to market and advertise housing programs?

o Streetscape and public art?

o Traffic calming?

- Add to all above programs or just some? Change income limits for some programs?

- NRP Meetings will be at Eastside Neighborhood Services Sept. 15 and Sept. 29 with the dot-tocracy vote being Sept. 22 at ESNS.

Claire and Mike Romens noted Main Street is becoming busier and traffic is faster. May be a possible good location for speed bumps and traffic calming.

VI: Business Façade Improvement Matching Grant Program: Bob Sorg

Bob Sorg secured a grant for this. There will be $450,000 divided between 18 grant proposals. Bob asked for $40,000. Sheridan received $25,000. We have until 2010 to spend this money. SNO oversees all of grant including administration of grant.

Grant is : 2:1 matching grant with $5,000 limit (ie: spend $10K; get $5K) and is for exterior work. Contractor is paid on labor, owner not paid for labor if you do your own work.)

Not eligible: roofing, interior work, security, fencing, parking, landscaping. MUST be commercial building. Proposals written to Sheridan and reviewed and approved by Sheridan committee. Judy Cedar is our contact. Rebecca Brown oversees the program.

VII: Shooting Stars Community Photography Program: Kirsten Rome

Funded through CDBG. 100 kids, 50% from other countries. Have had 7 shows, including Motorcycle Bearded Lady Show. Partners have been: ESNS, Pierre Bottineau Library, New City School, St. Cyril's, Patrick Henry High School. New funding through McKnight Foundation; $10,000 to document Immigration History; partner is University of Minnesota.

Joe Hoover from Minnesota Historical Society, he is a web designer and developer for MNHS. Joe spoke about Placeography, a web site launched in February 2008. www.placeography.org

Idea behind it is: "How do we collect stories about a place?" It's about community building, promoting neighborhoods and story-telling. Placeography site uses a "wiki" – like Wikipedia. It is form-based for ease of use to increase participation. It can be easily transferred to other Web applications. MNHS is looking for partners like neighborhood groups and other historical societies. Joe invites Sheridan to participate in placeography.org. It's free. Asks if we can put a link on homepage of SNO Web site. Joe asked for a SNO contact and a motion to the creation of a portal for SNO. Kirsten Rome is contact. Jon Oulman made motion to approve the development of a portal. Bill Lloyd seconds. Motion carries.

Open Microphone:

Ice Cream SNOcial will be first Thursday in September. Seaen Mackay is spearheading event again.

Garden Tour next Saturday. Meet at John Akre's house on 4th St.

Bike Plans meeting 6:30 pm, August 12 at Central N.E. Library

Sheridan Cleanup 10 am August 2

NRP Public Hearing August 20 New Citizen Participation guidelines online.

Adjourn: Bill Lloyd makes motion

Kirsten Rome seconds.