SNO Board Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2009

Board Members present; Sam Bonin, Nate Benton, Mike Romens

Absent: Frank Stone, Bob Sorg, Jen Markey

Note: Meeting took place on the 3rd Monday in order to accommodate Memorial Day.

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM

Previous meeting minutes and Treasurers' Report were postponed until June 22.

Representative Reports – A) 2nd Precinct Advisor – Bill Lloyd reported on the Second Precinct Open House and on Skomra’s retirement.

B) Care – Bill Lloyd reported on the existence of a number of "bad actors," who've caused problems on the list of the ward's worst problem properties, of which there are an increasing number, currently. Bill Lloyd talked about a new city ordinance involving a rental property inspections program. Rental license renewals will not be complete without required repairs. The next CARE meeting will feature updates on the city Mortgage Foreclosure Program and Minneapolis Advantage Program. Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty may reduce or eliminate some of these programs through unallotment. In regard to the rental property at 1719 Marshall Street NE, phoning 911 and 311 are courses of action. The Minneapolis Police Department can board up a property in about an hour.

Neighborhood Revitalization Program – John Akre presented proposals for changes in the Live Work Program (raise the income limits) and for paying down residential assessments for the 13th Avenue Pedestrian Lighting Project. Board votes are required for each. Lack of quorum prevented taking up the items.

The Committee put out a call for Electors and Alternates to represent Sheridan Neighborhood during a district forum and caucus. No one volunteered.

13th Avenue Signage and Streetscape Proposal – Michael Murnane of Footcandles Lighting presented ideas for lighted signage that is colorful and sculptural using LED – low voltage current.

Holland School Property – Chris Velasco, Executive Director, Projects Linking Art, Community & Environment (PLACE) introduced concepts relative to developments his nonprofit development company has completed in relation to the possibility of bringing a project to the Holland School site. The project would be an alternative energy community where people, especially artists can live and work. Educational activities would take place in partnership with a Minneapolis Public Schools recycling processing facility at the site. PLACE would approach community partners, utilize cooperative principles and creative financing as was the case with a soon to be completed project in Ventura, CA.

Craig Pederson and Dan Scroggins, Council President, Northeast Community Lutheran Church and Jennifer Schultz, Church Administrator, presented a fact sheet with ideas for their plans for the Holland School site which included a sanctuary, arts and Community service and a Charter School.

Council Member Hofstede commented that the idea for a Green Energy Education Center arose from community discussions about Holland School. After meeting with city staff about possibilities for Holland School, a meeting with PLACE was arranged. Consequently, PLACE has met with City of Minneapolis Housing Director Tom Steiz, Minneapolis School Board members and SNO Board Members. Council Member Hofstede said what she heard from the community was a need for a stronger base for artists that offers working and living quarters that are affordable in the long term. SNO members Matt - and Bill Lloyd are part of the site asset group that has been meeting about Holland School.