07-27-2009 Sheridan Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting Minutes

I. Welcome and Introductions:

a. Board Members present:

i. Michael Romens, president

ii. Nate Benton, vice president

iii. Sam Bonin

iv. Liz Oesterreich

b. Board Members absent:

i. Bob Sorg, treasurer

ii. Jen Markey, secretary

iii. Frank Stone

c. Note: Michael Romens out for August 24th meeting

Nate Benton out for August 24th meeting

II. Previous Meeting Minutes

a. postponed to August 24th meeting

III. Treasurer Report

a. postponed to August 24th meeting

IV. Representative Reports:

a. Bill Lloyd:

i. 2nd Precinct Advisory Committee

1. Bryan Shafer appointed as 2nd precinct inspector: welcome meeting/"Meet & Greet" scheduled for 07/28/09 6-7:30 pm @ 2nd Precinct station 1911 Central Ave NE

2. Block Clubs – looking for more interest and sign-ups

3. B. Lloyd reported Q&A portion was well attended

4. 5 Questions for SNO to answer in future re: the type of community forum and representation – consider put to SNOe- mail list

ii. 3rd Ward CARE

1. Neighborhood Stabilization Program: at 14 million in funds, asking 48 million more in funding for new and first time home-buyers

2. New Beat Officers for W. Broadway: 2 day shift, 3 night

3. New ownership, "The Zombie Den," purchased by Psycho Suzi’s owner; potential for food from Psycho's ferried over to this establishment

4. Inspection Sweep completed for Sheridan as of 06/26/09

5. Increase in Hispanic gangs noted for 2nd precinct: recommendation to call 311 immediately to report graffiti

b. Michael Romens:

i. 3rd Ward News & Notes

1. 3rd Ward Summit planning meeting set for 07/29/09: includes 9 neighborhoods from Bottineau to Marcy-Holmes. Summit to be held September 23rd, 2009 at the Nicollet Island Pavilion 5-10pm, food and beverages included; panel discussion, Q&A, Booths, Displays; Sheridan is allowed to submit up to 10 images to be included in a slideshow/presentation

V. Grain Belt Office Building Proposals

a. Judy Cedar, CPED (Community Planning & Economic Development for City of Minneapolis), Senior Project Coordinator

i. Presented 2 full proposals and summary information compiled by CEPD for the following: (*details on CPED website)

1. Grainbelt Ballroom, LLC

2. Vesper College, LLC

*Michael Romens, entertain a motion to write a second letter of support for Grainbelt Ballroom, LLC

o Nate Benton, motion to write second letter of support

o Sam Bonin, second motion

o Discussion:

- PASSED: 4/4 Board Members present

VI. NRP - Neighborhood Revitalization Program

a. John Akre

i. Next Mtg. 08/17/09, 7pm, J. Akre's home or Anchor Fish & Chips if this new establishment is open for business

ii. Article in NorthEaster newpaper re: lighting project

iii. Discussion re: new program to support a buy-down or financial pool for lighting assessments; qualifications based on income limit

b. Denise Elondou, HRC – Housing Resource Center

i. program income report provided to Stacy for NRP review

c. Tri Nguyen, Taossunto, Engineers of Light

i. Comments re: use of LED and Smart Grid technology

d. John Akre

i. Discussion re: changes for housing program guidelines/qualifications

*Michael Romens, entertain a motion to allow HRC in the event that an applicant doesn't meet requirements based on loan/value ratio for 2009 taxable value, they're allowed to use 2008 appraisal

o Sam Bonin, motion for allowance on requirements

o Nate Benton, second motion

• PASSED: 4/4 Board Members present

e. Denise Elondou

i. Question re: options for funds left in Fix 'N Paint

1. Make funds available to applicants post-lottery?

2. Question referred back to NRP Committee

ii. Question re: debt/income ratio could be appealed by SNO board by individual case

*Nate Benton, motion to allow HRC to use their discretion in creating official language to adjust qualifications based on debt/income ratio

o Sam Bonin, second motion

• PASSED: 4/4 Board Members present

VII. SNO Event Planning

a. Ice Cream SNOcial, scheduled for Sept. 3rd, 2009 at 212 Pottery/Behind Bars/Art of Chiropractic locations

i. Discussion re: budget needs:

1. Michael Romens to purchase ice cream and cones, provide tables/chairs from Ritz theater, order flyer insert for NorthEaster newspaper

2. Sam Bonin to provide musicians

3. Bill Lloyd volunteered to planning committee

*Nate Benton, motion to approve budget for $800

- PASSED: 4/4 Board Members present

b. SNO Ball – February 2010

i. Need for planning committee and chair

1. Michael Romens will not be available to chair for 2010

ii. Need to find rental space in Sheridan

1. Discussion re: Ritz availability and need to secure date/contract

2. Discussion re: PNA above Northeast Social Club; not ADA accessible

3. Discussion re: options at Grainbelt Keg house and Bottling House

VIII. Open Microphone

a. National Night Out August 4th, Tuesday night

i. Events scheduled at Holland School, as reported by Sam Bonin

IX. Adjourn

Submitted by Liz Oesterreich