09-28-2009 Sheridan Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting Minutes

I. Welcome and Introductions:

a. Board Members present:

i. Michael Romens, president

ii. Nate Benton, vice president

iii. Bob Sorg, treasurer

iv. Frank Stone

v. Liz Oesterreich

b. Board Members absent:

i. Jen Markey, secretary

ii. Sam Bonin

II. Previous Meeting Minutes

a. June minutes postponed to October meeting

b. August minutes read by Liz Oesterreich

Motion by Frank Stone to approve minutes

2nd by Nate Benton

passed by vote of 5/5

III. Treasurer Report

a. Ending balance $24, 001.34

b. Working balance $16,505.16

c. Shooting Stars (Phase II) $7,496.16

d. Sheridan Memorial Park $17, 297.24

e. CDGB $907.00

f. Admin $8,100.00

IV. Representative Reports:

a. Bill Lloyd:

i. 2nd Precinct Advisory Committee (2PAC)

1. October 5th block club training

a. Carol Oosterhaus: Tools and ideas provided, can be used as social function to know your neighbors better and be more aware of suspicious behavior/citizens

b. Block leader list is private

c. Bob Sorg: are SNO Board and block clubs recommended to be separate?

– Carol Oosterhaus not necessarily.

2. New secretary – old secretary has been removed from office due to absences

3. Report by Inspector Shafer; Gopher stadium opened smoothly; 50 officers on duty for that event

4. Lieutenant Krol (sp?) moving downtown

5. Kathy Waite taking new role

6. Report of shots fired in Mayslacks by off-duty officer; pending investigation

7. Looking for representatives from additional neighborhoods

8. Mike Romens: How many Sheridan block clubs are there?

Unknown – always encouraged to establish more

ii. 3rd Ward CARE – No Meeting for September due to Third Ward Summit Mtg.

V. Neighborhood Community Policing Plan

a. Carol Oosterhaus, Crime Prevention Specialist, Mpls Police Dept.

b. Inspector Brian Shafer, commander of 2nd Precinct

i. History: with dept. 19 years; previously working with juvenile dept.; interest in collaboration and partnerships

ii. What to expect from the dept.: Mayor's goal to see successful community policing across the city; reduce crime, improve livability and community involvement

iii. Sheridan Neighborhood Crime Statistics (handout provided)

1. Overall 15% decrease

2. Increase in assault and burglary

a. Prevention options include:

i. Personal safety workshop put on by city, promoted by SNO; include Spanish speaking presenter

ii. Home security workshop – consider lighting, locks with longer screws, sightlines

b. Assaults often between acquaintances, bar patrons

iv. Template for 2nd Precinct Mission (yellow handout provided):

1. ex. Bottineau concerns with 17th and 3rd to build stronger community

2. ex. Bottineau concerns with transients in neighborhood, include work with Burlington Northern railroad and ESNS

v. Policing Plan: preparing for 2010; working document; posted on city website; lowest staffed precinct in the city

1. Bob Sorg: How do we find out about police calls in neighborhood, especially those related to drug issues

-Carol Oosterhaus can help to find additional information to help compile a baseline and send to Mike Romens

2. Lighting improvements can help with crime; Susan Kulstad, comment re: NRP research that showed more assaults

VI. 1229 2nd Street NE – Metro Cable Network (MCN) Site Plan

a. Michael Rainville, President MCH Board

i. Channel 6, new production facility

ii. Self-funded programming

iii. Closing set for Wednesday, Sept. 30th

iv. Move in April 1st, 2010

v. Mixed zoning C1 & R3 (addt’l handouts provided)

vi. Plan to change R3 to C1; zoning left from previous home on the end of the site – city approves this change

vii. 1500 sq ft addition for studio at back – plans to blend with neighboring buildings and hide heating/cooling equipment

viii. Options to be open during First Thursday events or other arts events

ix. Possibility for shared parking

1. re: shared use by St. Cyril Church

x. November 11th, Citizen Advisory Committee

xi. December 15th, City Council approval

VII. NRP Committee Report

a. John Akre

i. 13th Ave Street Lighting funding program to pay down assessments – NRP advisor, loan doesn’t apply to lighting project to pay down tax obligations

ii. $70,000 available and proposal to transfer an additional $70,000 $140,000 total buy-down, which may be about ½ of total

iii. $500 needed for advertisement to announce in Northeaster paper of upcoming November vote

Frank Stone, moved to support, Mike Romens 2nd

Nate Benton, opened discussion


iv. Bike racks for 13th Avenue, city matching program fell through

1. NRP money used to purchase directly without city program

2. Thursday or Friday for installation and city + business approval

v. Next Meeting: Monday October 19th at the Ritz theater lobby

VIII. 13th Avenue Street Lighting Project

a. Susan Kulstad

i. Pedestrian level lighting, $1.25 per sq ft clarification

ii. Who is involved: NRP committee, John Akre, Mike Romens, Bill Lloyd, and Stacy Sorenson from city NRP rep.

iii. What is SNOs role: non-profit volunteer organization (clarification of SNO as an organization), planning and budgeting, implementation with NRP committee and requires board approval; 2015 plan – strategies and objectives voted lighting as a high priority with 13th Ave corridor as focus (details on Sheridan Neighborhood.org website)

iv. City of Minneapolis Public Works options presented at April 2009 meeting, with lantern style chosen

v. Phase I – signatures collected to show support

vi. Phase II – refining budget, Zone of Influence owners notified with 3-month period for tabulation – area is roughly mapped out (list of effected properties shared – not an official document)

vii. E-mail update list collected

viii. Additional funding possible from Projects for Federal Stimulus money

b. William Prince, Project Coordinator, City of Mpls Public Works

i. Details: (handout provided) 40 lights installed between Main St. and 6th, 12th and 14th; 15 ft. lantern style

Concerns re: attention to mailings – SNO coordinate outreach with mailings to provide additional information

A non-response will equal a "no"

cost for lighting/function – utility and maintenance through general city fund

do we need to have 4 lights per block? – yes based on recommendations based on illumination areas

ii. Initial Ballpark Cost Estimates

1. total costs: $320,000

2. 8 blocks total

3. $8,000 per light

4. total after buy-down: $250,000

5. reduced cost to $0.75/square foot (based on area within Zone of Influence)

iii. Assessments payable over 20-years

St. Cyril Church – concerns re: size of their assessment

Assessments adjusted between private v. business property

IX. Open Microphone/Announcements

a. FRESH: New Thinking About What We’re Eating screening Wednesday October 7th at the Ritz Theater (flyers distributed)

b. 212 Pottery accepting food shelf donations for Second Harvest to be put back within Northeast

c. Anchor Fish & Chips opening for 1st Thursday, October 1st

d. October 15th Ballet of the Dolls opening, NE resident discounts

e. October 30th fundraiser for Meals on Wheels at Ritz Theater

X. Adjourn

Submitted by Liz Oesterreich