SNO March 2010 Meeting Minutes

Mike Romens called the meeting to order at 7PM

Board members Present: MikeRomens, Bob Sorg, Frank Stone

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Treasurers' Report not available

Representative Reports- Bill Lloyd said that the 2nd Precinct Citizen Advisory Commission meeting report shows another consecutive drop in crime most notably, part one crimes. Also, City of Minneapolis 311 telephone services would be reduced from 7AM-11PM to 7-7.

Sheridan Veterans Memorial Park / Sherer Bros. Riverfront Shoreline Developments – CM Hofstede, Commissioner Wielinski, MPRB Project Manager, Nick Eloff

Liz Wielinski, Park Board Commissioner, District 1, reported that funds earmarked for improvements at Bohemian Flats Park were being looked at for other uses, including Sheridan Memorial Park since the MN Department of Transportation is using BF indefinitely for the wreckage of the I-35W Bridge. This money could be added to the $300,000.00 in state bonding and Metropolitan Council for Regional Park amenities. The park board is currently in court with MNDot to settle on a date for the reclamation of Bohemian Flats Park. Liz suggested that SNO seek Commissioner Scott Vreelands approval to move Bohemian Flats funding to our park.

Community suggestions for the Scherer Brothers site on the Mississippi River included a Dog Park and a swimming beach.

Nick Eloff, Project Manager, MPRB, said that the Park Board was looking at uses for 8-12 acres at the Scherer Brothers site, which is almost 14 acres in size. He said buildings on the north end of the property would be torn down.

According to Nick, the west end of 14th Avenue leading to Sheridan Memorial Park will be built in 2011-12. The entire project is approaching for the original budget estimate of $500,000.00 for improvements approved for funding by the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. A formal area with entry points is part of a SNO and Park Board approved design that is being funded by SNO, the State of Minnesota and by private donations. The current budget model dedicates $500,000.00 for the veteran's memorial and one million for other aspects. Sheridan Memorial Park is part of the Metropolitan Council named "Above the Falls Regional Park." Public purchases along Marshall Street have taken place, also, at 1808-12, empty lots. On May 26, a final decision by the park board to purchase the entire Scherer Brothers site will be made. The area within 200-300 feet of the river would turn into city parkland. The rest would be sold, possibly to the City of Minneapolis for development, most likely housing. Legacy Amendment funding has made possible the public acquisition of the Scherer Brothers site.

Diane Hofstede evaluated different uses for the riverfront area. She said that natural and environmental elements such as native plantings and rain gardens are most appropriate for these areas, including Sheridan Memorial Park. Other uses are incongruent with unique riverfront sites.

Diane Hofstede talked about the City of Minneapolis Master Bike Plan. She said that 18th Avenue bike lane improvements would take place this year. “Click” money is making this possible.

NRP Committee - Vote Required

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