Sheridan Neighborhood Organization
Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2012

Board Members Absent: David Hildebrandt

Previous minutes read by Jillia Pessenda, Motion: Adam Axvig to approve minutes, 2nd Joy Smallfield, Passed 6/6

Treasurer’s Report: $36,208 SNO, $17,908.06 SNO-Park Board
$251 to reimburse porta potties for Art-A-Whirl to Bob S., Motion: Adam, 2nd Joy, ALL passed
SNO Computer, $2,000 for computer and software-Motion: Bob S., 2nd Amy McGarrity, ALL passed

Open Microphone: Teresa from NE Farmer’s Market, SNO promo board table on July 14th, 9am-1pm, what do we want to do/have there? Do we have a banner? Do we want to make one? NE farmer’s market could help with banner.
SNO is $1,000 partner of NE farmer’s market

Committee Reports-
Interim Board Action: Joy Smallfield VP, Jenny- President (will work as executive committee), Amy-Phones/VM, Bob-Treasurer, Jillia-Secretary
CD Committee: no updates
CPED: no updates
CARE: no updates

NCR/NCED Primer-Stacy Sorenson, goals for the year/
NCR-Neighborhood and Community Relationship, new focus on engagement!
CPP-Community Partnership Program-increasing involvement
-identify goals/issues
-neighborhood projects/priorities
$$-part for SNO Board Administration, part for neighborhood programs/projects/issues and support of NCR to connect with city
SNO Events/Brainstorming:
-Street Gardens/landscaping (edible landscaping?)-greening public spacings within Sheridan
-Neighborhood Clean-up days (river, 13th Ave, Storm sewers)
-Graffiti Wagon/Graffiti Hotline-will come remove it!
-Potluck/Picnic/Summer at the park (solar generator/band/stage...)
-Dog Activities (bags on streets) RuffLove/SNO activity
-Plant Hub-thru gardening matters/garden tours
-Bike/Garden tour
-Outreach to minority communities within Sheridan/NE (SNO town meeting)
-Neighborhood forum/SNO town meeting to gather more input, SNO to facilitate/@ Ritz? (Mike R)

Sheridan Memorial Park- Deb Bartels
-Park time-Construction starts, ideally, fall 2012
Need 3 conditional use permits:
1-Construct Flood Plain
2-w/in 50’ of shoreline
3-Moving/Adding more fill
Motion: Amy, *SNO support for conditional use permits, 2nd, Joy, ALL passed
*passed with amendment that this is specifically for Sheridan Memorial Park, and allows public access to river

-Art Process: Selection committee made up of SNO board members, NE Veteran & community members to decide upon Artist for MN Veteran’s Memorial

Discussed Request for Condition Use Permit for Tire Warehouse (14th & Marshall)

2nd Monday in June at Ritz-Biz meeting
SNO summer Bike & Garden Tour meeting, June 4th at 7pm Dusty’s for Event planning sub-committee