June 25th, 2012
SNO Board Meeting Minutes

Board members absent: Jenny Fortman

Previous minutes read by Jillia Pessenda Bovino, Motion:Bob Sorg to approve minutes, 2nd Amy McGarrity, Passed 6/6

Treasurer's Report: $35,965.15 SNO, $17,908.06-Park Board

Open Mic: No report/response

Representative and Committee Reports:

A. CD Committee-John Akre, Community Development will meet before next meeting in July, need to submit application for funding; will vote at next board meeting.
$57, 080.00 funding for 18 months, spend on priority projects that we identify:
-Housing projects/programs
-Street scape enhancements
-sm % on communications

B.AFCAC Above the Falls planning for park/river
Next phase of plan/deets released Tuesday, June 26th, 5-7PM meeting
July 31, 4:30-8:30pm, Above the Falls Boat tour: $25 per SNO board member to attend
Motion to pay for up to four SNO Board members to attend-Jillia
2nd-Bob Sorg

C.2PAC- No report

D. C.A.R.E.-no report

E.Sheridan Memorial Park-Jillia Pessenda Bovino, Jury selected Artist Robert Smart, will come to future SNO meeting & follow-up. Date TBD

G.SNO Big Deal on Wheels-Joy Smallfield, AUG 4th, SunLovlies, Bike Rodeo, BBQ, 3PM Bike tour! $2000.00 Budget, Motion to pass-Amy, 2nd-Jillia, ALL passed 6/6

Crime & Safety:
1. Nick Juarez, Crime Prevention Specialist, future plans to expand "beat" to four NE neighborhoods to help reduce neighborhood crime
Police focus is primarily on beats to reduce crime
-Call 911/311 to report suspicious activities, crimes, speeding, etc.
-Police need serial #s to help track possessions after burglary,

Feedback from community: police should be more "neighborly" get out and talk to community not just stay in squad cars
Follow-thru/report backs from Police after reporting disturbances, etc. poor, lack of communication or understanding of where information is being processed and how
-i.e., speed monitor on 13th (doesn't record data)
-discussed need for a 4-way stop to slow traffic along 13th & 3rd; a preventative step to help reduce speeding as traffic continues to increase
-speed bumps/roundabouts

2. Diane Hofstede, City Council Representative 3rd Ward
-Noise violation reported from community member; McDonalds clean-up continues from 2am-5am. Neighbors have reported several times to Hofstede with no response,
-Noise violation (fines) & Biz license renewal discussed, Hofstede commits to follow-up with this issue

3. Mike Romens & Mike Rainville, Ballet of the Dolls & Ritz Theatre Foundation

Parking Variance:
Ann Williams, Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center
Owner discusses her business plans for opening 2nd performing arts center (currently one in Longfellow) with focus on youth, to go into old Shuga records space beg. fall 2012
Some confusion over parking variance, biz will need up to 40 parking spots which are currently unavailable
-SNO will write strong letter of support for the business, engages youth and family activities, potential alliances with local schools/Ritz
Motion to write letter of support-Adam
Approved-ALL 6/6

Joy-Denial of Variance for Tire Rims Biz on Marshall
Diane Hofstede- sign up for 3rd Ward email list

Motion to Adjourn - Jillia
Passed- ALL 6/6