1. Introduction:  Board members present:  Jenny Fortman, Bob Sorg, Adam Axvig, David Hildebrandt, Joy Smallfield, Jillia Pessenda Bovino, Amy McGarrity 
  2. Previous Minutes Read by David H.  Motion by Joy to accept minutes with amendments, as read by David H., Second by Amy, passed by all.
  3. Treasury Report.  $36,642.08 SNO, $23,579.79 Park
  4. Open Mic: California Street Urban Farm Fall Harvest Party, 5:30pm this Friday Sept 28th. Potluck, please bring something to share and harvest party, all welcome! 22nd Ave. NE and California Street NE across from the California Arts Building in NE. 
  5. Representative and Committee Reports
    1. CD Committee: community plan, neighborhood priority project: $31, 914 from 2011/12 funds CPP. Put toward small area plan; 40k allocated for projects.  Hire consultant to work on small area plan which is a document that outlines neighborhood, public and commercial spaces, comprehensive plan moving forward based on neighborhood priorities. Oct 26th at 6PM, next  CD meeting at Eastside Neighborhood Services. Motion by Bob Sorg to transfer $31,914 from 2011/2012 CPP Funds toward small area plan, second by Joy Smallfield, Passed by All (Guidelines for process planning documents for Small area plans available online). Steering committee (tbd) necessary for next steps with small area plan.  Discussion on need/ability to work with "consultant"  or firm to lead the small area plan & project fund must be aligned with neighborhood goals as well as city plans. 
    2. AFCAC:  grant received for bike path (Mpls Bike trails) from Boom Island to 18th, all along river.  Park board will come back with more detailed plan for Above the Falls Park, from Boom Island to south of Camden. 1st public meeting in November--public forum about above the falls bike and walking trails!  Next AFCAC meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, 9/25 at Park Board Building, 7pm.  
    3. 2PAC:  No rep from SNO, opportunity available! 
    4. C.A.R.E. rep from SNO opportunity available!  
    5. Sheridan Memorial Park (Deb shared report back, below) 
    6. 13th Ave Business District Association:  nothing to report
    7. Ice Cream SNOcial- Recap and thanks/ excellent turnout, fun event!  
  6. Grace Center update from local pastor, Craig Pederson: 2 charter schools, just launched second in NE.  Learning city rules and regulations, Conditional Use Permit is necessary, letter sent to SNO about the situation, need to apply for conditional use permits + adding child care center.  Food shelf serving up to 700 people per month, donations welcome! Book sale fundraiser for food shelf this Friday night and Saturday: "Food for thought" Sat 9am-3pm. Food Shelf is called Little Kitchen Food Shelf, donations accepted 7 days a week between 9am-3pm. Tuesday nights food shelf is open & also good time to drop off donations.   
  7. Art update from Sheridan Memorial Park: project will go for bid in January 2013. Artist update: will work with community on collaborative process/transparency/good communication.  Rain garden will be part of the plan to deal with water runoff from streets; will come back with design and get community feedback for community elements in December or early 2013. Handicap accessibility a must. Found contaminated soil on site, applied & received for grant to haul out toxic soil in 2013. Artist Robert Smart: attention to light, wanting it to be "living" at night, protection = metaphor for peace, protective elements. Tentative installation date: July 31, 2013. Excitement about plans to integrate walkway/bikeway into concept for the park.      
  8.  Health Impact Assessment-Above the Falls: 
    1. David Johnson-bring considerations of public health to planning process before plans are in effect. A need to consider effects on residents and well being before planning process begins.
    2. Bring health considerations to policy makers; collaboratively working with different community members and organizations  
    3. Access to parks/ accessibility  
    4. Connections to and around the river, more active transit like biking and walking, healthier for community 
    5. Residential community plans
    6. Examining existing local health data 
    7. Community input, going out into community to events and meetings within community to let them know about plans. Please fill out survey to gather information in more systematic way from the community. Survey link available soon via survey monkey--will be sent out. Also paper survey copies available. 
  9. Announcements: Northern Metals tomorrow night MPRB HQ 6:30PM-8:30PM (community input meeting & public informational meeting) They want permission to increase potential pollutants. Events: Neighborhood Fest in October.  SNO table at event October 10th, invitation to table with Bob! Let him know if you can make it! Public meeting about traffic, parking noise and related issues between 13th and 15th avenue at Eastside Neighborhood Services this Thursday from 4:30-5:30pm  
  10. Motion to Adjourn by Jillia , second by Amy , passed by all.