1. Introduction:  Board members present:  Jenny Fortman, Bob Sorg, Adam Axvig, David Hildebrandt, Joy Smallfield, Jillia Pessenda Bovino, Amy McGarrity 
  2. Previous Minutes Read by Jillia Pessenda Bovino.  Motion to pass minutes with amendment that John Akre is not a board member as read by Jillia, David Hildebrandt. Second by Amy McGarrity, passed by all.
  3. Treasury Report.  $38,709.43 SNO, $23,549.20 Park
  4. Open Mic: nothing noted. 
  5. Representative and Committee Reports
    1. CD Committee: John Akre, CD Committee-due date for consultant contract is January 11, 2013.  January SNO meeting for small area plan over 2013 to develop small area plan for neighborhood. 
      -building a steering committee: please join!  
      -approve RFP from consultants 
      -will host a series of town meetings with consultants and community. Need to flyer for outreach and/or fill out survey on SNO's website! (need for translation on survey or flyers?) 
      -small area plan for whole neighborhood with emphasis on commercial districts, development possibilities along 13th and marshall
      -next CD comt meeting 6-7pm before next neighborhood meeting, eastside  

    2. AFCAC: Mark Byrnes
      Above the falls area plans not yet formalized; opportunity for input at upcoming meetings 
    3. 2PAC:  No rep from SNO, opportunity available! 
    4. C.A.R.E. rep from SNO opportunity available!  C.A.R.E. updates: over 2000 people attended Neighborhood fest. 2012 
      Third Ward Care Meeting, Wednesday November 14th, 7PM, Eastside Neighborhood Services 
      Agenda for that meeting: Public Safety Update, Above the Falls Update, Nicollet Transit Update, 4th St. Parking Update, Asian Carp Update, People's Stadium, Regulatory Services Restructure, 2013 Planning and Goals 
      plan for university:
      -overlay, on-top for university, real restructuring for university will be in 5 years
      -bike lanes, ongoing discussions and input welcome! 

    5. Sheridan Memorial Park:Sheridan Memorial Park-Jenny and Bob met with Deb from park board and Robert Smart (artist), open & transparent communication
    6. 13th Ave Business District Association: discussing ways to manage cars and municipal lot 
    7. SNO Office- Amy motion to move office for $100/month to 1304 university ave ne & $100 one time fee on office supplies, second by David, approved all 
  6. nick juarez- 2nd precinct: (report and discussion of recent crime issues)
    riverfront entertainment district/crime down 
    crime report: 
    315-stabbing and drug bust 
    -on 2nd, x2 assaults, one with broken ear drum,  
    -susan bradshaw, new crime prevention specialist joining

    -911 calls help to register resources to neighborhoods, imp. to call 911
    -some confusion around filing police reports and how it registers if people choose not to file 

  7. Nancy Przymus-Ethnic Film series, Cultural Festival, reach out to ethnic communities, do films, french film, ethnic communities chose french club, "Welcome to the Sticks"
    SNO-co-sponser, hold viewings Sheridan, Ritz Theatre, north african, MIZDA, 
    Ecuardorian-Latin Film Society 
    Motion to support logan park ethnic film series with publicity, EFS, & help get Ritz Theatre by Joy. 2nd by Adam. All passed. 

  8.  Elizabeth Flannery/Enrico 
    FEB/MAR-closing on properties
    submitted site plan review in late sept 
    planning review soon
    applying for arts grant to do something on the corner
    Jenny asking to host SNO ball there 
    market rate units
    questions-is parking mandatory?
    management perspective
    -need for accessibility to neighbors and front doors along 13th 
    -public access to community be a part of community 
    brick materials & metal 
    150 units
    updates on current plans will continue at SNO meetings 
  9. Announcements: Vote November 6th! 
  10. Motion to Adjourn by Joy , second by Jillia , passed by all.