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Minutes from January 26th, 2004 SNO meeting

Introductions made

Minutes read and Tom Taylor moves to accept the minutes - Jenny Fortman seconds - motion passes

Treasurer report

General funds were approximately $13,000

CDBG at -$676 but this will change - we have reapplied

NRP at $653

Open Mic

Mike Rainville gave the St. Anthony lawsuit update

Spoke of King of Clubs development which went from 140 units down to 8 houses using a land trust and 30 rental units

Jim Jarvis commented on ensuing suit with neighborhood

Chuck Sullivan speaks regarding land trust idea.

Events Committee

SNOball event will be at the bottling house Sat 2/21/04 $13 in advance/ 20 at door

SNO News is looking for people to take the process on. We encourage all to volunteer. Contact SNO if interested

NRP (John Akre)

Meets March 15th at 7pm

Phase I has contracted almost all the money and the kick off for phase II is in April at the annual meeting

Community Health Program

Susan updates us that all the community health program surveys are in - has not gotten any response for part time positions and asks to have an ad in the NEaster

Seaen makes a motion to approve up to $250 for an ad - Trish 2nds the motion - Seaen amends up to $250 for as many ads as we can get - Bob Sorg offers to get us a deal - Motion carries

John Akre says spread the word for fix and paint program

SNO shoes walk has been cancelled until further notice

Business Meeting the 2nd Monday in March at 89 14th Ave. NE from 5:30 pm to 6pm

River Run

Jenny updates that the board has had two meetings 1/8/04 and 1/12/04

The meetings worked on a process to follow with the developer and SNO and that all meeting are recapped to keep communication clear

Tonight's meeting is to review the latest revisions with the architect,

presented by Jill Krance

revisions made from 119 units to 12 owner occupied townhomes and 72 rental units

Jim speaks of offering fewer units and more parking

SNO would like to see some affordable units

Jim said CPED may have funds and input into this and that he met with housing trust people and was given information

Jill Krance speaks of trying to make the River Run more pedestrian friendly

Mike R. speaks of city approved staff time to evaluate the new development proposal - there is conversation of getting a shorter building - less housing - and marked improvements.

AFCAC does not want to be responsible for the design - afcac concerned specifically with height restrictions and brought up concerns with underground parking

Chuck S. feels that there is some fragment communication and suggests a more wide spread announcement on a Sat morning open meeting - SNO is in agreement..

TT is suspicious regarding the uniqueness of the project

Pat Greffin asks how tall is the apt vs the town homes

RR replies that the apt is 3 stories and the townhomes are 2.5 stories

Jon Akre likes density and would not like to see it decrease further - also brings up roof top gardens for flat top design

Jim spoke about the need for fencing in the back to protect the RR people that live there

TT when will land trust occur?

Jim has to find the $ to compensate development for loss - is talking with the land trust people etc - is also still looking at affordable housing etc - to see what will work best.

Arden asks will fence continue after area becomes parkland

Jim - not necessarily but is not that far in the planning yet

Discussion continues regarding financing needs - city looks at the River Run as a complete development - we discussed roof gardens - brick facades - flat roofs etc.

Trish reviewed the Jan 12th notes regarding parking , safety, appearance

AFCAC - concerns with 7 story building on the supper club site - January 27th at 7pm for the AFCAC mtg

MEND speaks regarding the recent Bar Robberies and muggings -. 2/16 at 7pm regarding these incidents at the eastside neighborhood services.

2PAC addresses string of assaults along bar row on 4th St. in December - they have now disappeared - no info as to why - In the past week no hard core crime

cime is down by .66%

New Business

There will be a meeting with Don Sammuels, the Center for the Neighborhoods Jim Bartlett and SNO Sat. 2/7 at Elsies.

Ask about this - tt moves that we invite the Keg House Coffee Shop - trish 2nds - all in favor and the motion passes

Jenny moves to adjourn the meeting - tt 2nds and we pass it unanimously

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