SNO Meeting Minutes

May 28th, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

I. Introductions

II. Treasurer's report was given by Seaen MacKay.

Total Bank Balance: $19,886.72

General Funds: $18,780.82

2003-2004 CDBG: $571.44

NRP Admin: $225.53

CIP: $323.45

III. Representative Reports

a. 2PAK report was given by Norm Mosher and Ezra Ebner. 2nd Precinct is losing its SAFE officers in June for the duration of the summer. The SAFE phone number will still work. There is now a beat officer from 10 am - 8 pm around Central and Lowery. The police want each neighborhood to have a clean up day for graffiti. The police will provide paint and remover to each neighborhood which can get 10 volunteers.

b. Trish Schilling gave the MEND report. The MEND meeting was held on Wednesday regarding the traffic on Marshall. City representatives discussed changes to signage to help control traffic. The next meeting is to be held at the end of July.

c. Community Health Program report was given by Susane Kulstad. The executive director of the program is ill and the program development coordinator is leaving. Anyone who is interested in the program coordinator position should see Susan. Resumes are due by June 1st. Tammy has been contacting the respondents to the survey. She has been doing work with St Cyril's church to help with the congregation's health care issues.

d. AFCAC report was given by Chuck Sullivan. AFCAC will now have a page on the city’s web site.

IV. Committee Reports

a. Events Committee. Trish Shilling said that there isn’t a chair for the committee, so there is a volunteer opportunity.

b. NRP Housing Committee. Jenny Fortman said that SNO had received the new contract to extend the NRP Business Revolving Loan Program. Chris Koelfgen moved to extend the NRP Business Revolving Loan Program contract. Trish Schilling seconded. Motion Passed. John Akre said the NRP planning meeting will be held on June 21st at 7 pm. The evaluation of Phase I NRP plan is on the Sheridan web site now.

c. Outreach/SNO News. Jenny Fortman said that SNO is still looking for someone to do the SNO News. Trish Schilling suggested that we turn the SNO News into a one page flyer. She will provide a template for the flyer. Bob Sorg will edit the first edition. Norm Mosher will provide help with the printing.

d. Business Committee. Jeff Moritko may volunteer as the chair of the business committee.

V. Sheridan Development Corporation - Ross Fefercorn. Ross Fefercorn discussed the phase I of the Grain Belt Housing development. Trish Schilling moved that the SNO board send a letter to CPED to demonstrate SNO’s support and request that they expedite this process. Seaen MacKay seconded. Motion Passed. Chris Koelfgen made a motion to write a letter to Don Samuels to study the parking issues in the Grain Belt development area. Seaen MacKay seconded. Motion passed.

VI. SNO Office Discussion. Straw poll taken for renting the Frank Stone Gallery, results were 12 for and 1 opposed. Trish Schilling moved to rent the Frank Stone Gallery for 1 year. Chris Koelfgen seconded. Motion passed.

VII. Interim Board Actions. The board sent a letter to CPED to urge CPED take sift action to move forward with the Ritz theater, and to show support for the Ballet of the Dolls.

VIII. Updates

a. Ritz Theater. Met with Ballet of the Dolls and discussed difficulties with CPED.

b. Gluek Park. Signs warning of the contamination have now been posted.

c. River Run. The SNO board is meeting with the Sherman and Associates on June 1st to discuss the project.

Ezra Ebner made a motion to adjourn. Bob Sorg seconded. Meeting Adjourned at 9:10.

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