SNO Meetings Minutes

June 28th, 2004

Meeting called to order at 7:05

I. Introductions

II. Minutes Read by Ezra Ebner. Minutes amended to change the spelling for Susane Kulstad. Tom Taylor moved to accept the minutes as amended. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed.

III. Treasurer's report given by Seaen MacKay.

IV. Representative Reports

a. 2PAK report -- Norm Mosher reported there was no 2PAK meeting in June

b. Community Health Report -- Susan Kulstad gave the Community Health Report. A book club for seniors is starting across the street from East Side Neighborhood Services by Tammy Piheda. Tammy has now contacted all of the people who responded to the survey. St. Cyril’s is now using the SNO office space for Community Health purposes. Tammy us trying to upgrade the SNO web site to make it user-friendlier for health information. She needs help from some one with web design experience. Please contact her at The Community Health Program is interviewing for the coordinator position. The hope to find someone by the end of the week. The executive director position should be filled by the end of July.

c. AFCAC -- Chuck Sullivan gave the AFCAC report. AFCAC met last week without quorum. The minutes of the meetings are now available at AFCAC was in the news. Doug Gross called AFCAC about a war memorial. AFCAC feels the memorial conflicts with the AFCAC plan. Chris contacted Chuck about being a representative to AFCAC. Mary Gillroy may resign her appointments due to a new job.

d. Grain Belt Area Artist Task Force -- Trish Shilling gave the Grain Belt Artist Task Force report. About 14 people attended a meet and greet last week to discuss issues with the artists and the Grain Belt area. There are three new galleries moving onto 13th Avenue.

V. Committee Reports

a. Seaen MacKay gave the events committee report. Seaen wants to spend the CIP money on the picnic, but it is probably too late to plan for a picnic. So, Seaen is thinking about having an ice cream social in August. Norm Mosher suggested that we coordinate the event with the first Thursday artist crawl. Michael Romens suggested doing it in conjunction with a public safety event.

b. Trish Shilling gave the Outreach/SNO news report. Trish will try to send out the first flyer two weeks before the ice cream social.

c. Business Committee. Jeff Moritko said he would be part of the business committee. Trish Shilling said there is a list of businesses available for a mailing. Pat said that the roof for the kiosk is ready, but he needs a brake to bend the copper. Mike Romens said his bother might be able to help.

VI. B.F. Nelson Site. Mike Rainville said that STAWNO sent a letter to Park Commissioner Walt Dzieck expressing a desire to develop the site. Mike asked support from SNO to protect the site. He asked that SNO put STAWNO’s August 16th event in the SNO newsletter. Mike wants the neighborhoods to get together and get some expert advice as to how to get the river pars renovated. Mike asked for a motion to preserve the space as open space and connecting greenway. Tom Taylor moved that SNO write a letter in support of keeping the B.F. Nelson site as public land and open space. Trish Shilling Seconded. Motion passed.

VII. Gluek Park Update. Tom Taylor said that Sonya Vega is in charge of the Western Minerals Cleanup. SNO and Bottineau put up signs in the parks. Dzieck was hoping to get up fencing. Snow fencing was put up, but came down a week later. Vega is hoping the park will be cleaned up in July. Tom Taylor’s biggest concern is that people can walk in the park right now. Mike Rainville said we should have a summit of all the neighborhoods and non-profits and government agencies to identify all of the location along the river and get these parks cleaned up. There is a spill on the Shoram Yards that leaked into the aquifer. There is currently a survey of all of the wells going on. If anyone knows of a well in Northeast, please contact Tom Taylor. The pump at Gluek Park has been tested and in contaminated with vinyl chloride. The pump is now disabled. They are currently drilling testing wells to test the aquifer.

VIII. Bar Beat Update. Mike Romens said the bar beat has been operational since the beginning of the month. It is funded through the end of October. The bar beat is designed to provide on duty officers to the MEND area. It will be up to the neighborhoods to meet bi-monthly with Jeff Rugel who runs the program. Mike suggested that SNO send a representative to ride along with the police for one-night. SNO needs to continue its relationship with the 2nd precinct through the 2PAK committee. Jenny Fortman said they had their first meeting with Jeff Rugel. The CERT team is 6 officers plus their sergeant. The CERT shift is normally until midnight. They are free to use different tactics to accomplish their objective, so they can be in plain clothes. Tom Taylor expressed disappointment that the only uniformed cops are going to be in cars. Mike said that those who participated in the Bar Mediation laid the groundwork for this grant.

IX. NRP Phase I Summary and Phase II Progress. John Akre reported that the text of the Phase I Plan Review is on the web site. Phase I review needs to be approved before Phase II can go forward. John Akre gave a walkthrough of the review. John asked the board approve the review. Seaen MacKay motioned to approve the review. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion Passed. John Akre reported that SNO must approve the Phase II participation agreement to proceed with Phase II. SNO must create a Phase II steering committee with 5 to 8 members. The steering committee would look at all of the plans that affect Sheridan and try to summarize it. The steering committee would also conduct research to identify major issues. Then they create the plan during the winter of 2005-2006. Then the plan must be approved at a town meeting after which the board would officially approve the plan. The next meeting is August 16th.

X. Announcements

a. Trish Shilling won a volunteer service award from Wells Fargo. The award includes a $1,000 grant to SNO.

b. Jenny Fortman said that SNO met with CPED to try and get the Ritz Theater done. SNO is looking for someone to attend weekly meetings as SNO’s representative.

c. Kickball games at 1:00 on Sunday at Sheridan Park. The balls are at Jenny Fortman's house.

d. The Fix and Paint lottery number is now at 23

e. The Ritz Theater has been hit by graffiti again.

f. Jeff Moritko is on the task force about the smoking ban. Any questions can be directed to him.

Tom Taylor moved to adjourn. Seaen MacKay seconded. Motion Passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:39

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