SNO Meeting Minutes

July 26th, 2004

Meeting called to order at 7:05

I. Introduction

II. Minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Minutes amended for spelling of Susan Kulstad's name, kickball is not at Jenny Fortman's house only the balls are, and for Gluek park should be cleaned up (rather than closed) in July.

III. Treasurer's report was given by Seaen MacKay.

Account Balance

CIP 323.45

General Funds 18,766

2003-2004 CDBG 4.65

2004-2005 CDBG 4000.00

Admin 474.47

Total 22,619.93

IV. Representative Reports

a. 2PAK report was given by Norm Mosher. Burglaries are up, but 2 burglars were arrest so the police hope this will bring down the robbery rate. One sex offender was arrested. There was on graffiti arrest. Acquaintance rape is up 30%. The 2nd Precinct is getting its own City Attorney.

b. MEND report was given by Jenny Fortman,. Jenny Fortman met with Jeff Rugel. The CERT team had to leave out area last week to make an arrest. Two suspects were caught.

c. CHP report was given by Susan Kulstad. Mike Romens was hired as the program coordinator.

d. Chuck Sullivan gave the AFCAC report. The next meeting is tomorrow. It is a pot-luck and anyone is welcome. The major news is the web site. It has all kinds interesting things on it.

e. Grain Belt Area Artists Task Force. NPR is going to be in 13th Ave on August 5th.

V. Committee reports

a. Seaen MacKay gave the Events committee report. Seaen is putting together the ice cream social tentative date is the first Thursday in September. COED has given he ok for the expense. Seaen mentioned motioned to spend up to $500 for the event ($176.55 from general funds and 323.45 from CIP funds). Tom Taylor seconded. Motion passed.

b. John Akre gave the NRP Housing committee report. John and Mike presented the Phase I review to the NRP policy board. The next committee meeting is on Monday the 16th at 7:30at the SNO office. Mike Romens said the entire NRP policy board was impressed by SNO’s Phase I.

c. Trish Shilling gave the SNO Outreach/SNO News Committee report. Trish said that Bob Sorg will design the flyer and she will help train him in on PowerPoint. The first should be out before the ice cream social.

VI. Grain Belt Redevelopment Area - Parking and Traffic

a. Jennifer Bever gave an overview of the proposed development in and around the Grain Belt Brewery.

b. Ross Fefercorn discussed issues with the project.

VII. Announcements

a. Jenny Forman said there is a list of the dates with the meetings over the school closings.

b. Trish Shilling created a flyer about GAF shutting off its pollution control during the evenings. Please call the pollution control if you notice this.

c. John Aker reminded everyone that Nation Night Out is August 3rd.

VIII. Updates

a. Glueck Pack update was given by Tom Taylor. There is now permanent fencing up. Vega said that in July or early August clean up would start.

b. Ritz theater update was Jenny Fortman. Jenny Fortman has been meeting with CPED. There is a meting with the City lawyers to give the Ballet of the Dolls site control. Jenny Forman said that SNO’s contract with Sutton Associates has expired and needs to be extended. Tom Taylor moved to extend the contract. Trish Shilling seconded. Motion passed.

c. Jenny Fortman gave the 14th Avenue update. There was a neighborhood block meeting about some problem properties on 14th Avenue. The problems seem to be centered abound juveniles. Councilman Don Samuels has offered to go and talk to the families of the juveniles. Jenny Fortman is seeking advice for writing the landlords of the properties. They are trying to setup a meeting between the city, neighbors, and the landlords.

IX. Open Microphone

a. Diane Hoefstead says that STAWNO feels that the site is still at risk of being developed into housing. STAWNO is asking for SNO support of keeping the B.F. Nelson site open space. STAWNO says the accusations about not letting the developer state his case are untrue. STAWNO is asking SNO to be its partner in opposing the development of housing on the B.F. nelson site. Diane read the following resolution "Be it resolved that SNO support St. Anthony West in their resolve that the entire B.F. Nelson site including the 6th Avenue parcel be reserved and reserved for use by the public as parkland in accordance with Grant Number 7902. Further Be It Resolved that no part of the BF Nelson site including the 6th Avenue site be sold, developed or traded." Tom Taylor moved to pass the resolution. Seaem MacKay seconded. Motion passed.

b. Tom Taylor noted that Sheridan has been losing Elm trees lately. There is a particularly large Elm on 14th that was marked.

c. Eris Fritz said that regarding the property on 14th Avenue, please call 911 when there is illegal or suspicious activity.

d. George Jacob said that he will probably sign with the developers in the next week. His house and the other houses will be demolished. The vision is for walkout condos on the first floor and other condos on the above floors.

Tom Taylor moved to adjourn. Seaen MacKay seconded. Motion Passed.

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