SNO Meeting Minutes

August 23rd, 2004

Meeting called to order 7:05

1. Previous meeting minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Tom Taylor moved to amend the minutes to include the resolution in support of St. Anthony West Neighborhood Association. Tom Taylor moved to approve the minutes as amended. Chris Koelfgen seconded. Motion passed.

2. Treasurer's Report

a. Total 24,693,18

b. General 19,766.30

c. 03-04 - 46.57

d. 04-05 4000.00

e. NRP Admin 650.00

f. CIP 323.45

3. Announcements

a. Trish Schilling announced the Peace Ball. It will be in the Grain Belt bottling house on September 18th at 7:30.

4. Interim Board Actions

a. Elm Tree Vote - Trish Schilling reported that SNO had decided to spend $100 for diagnostics to see if the Elm tree on 14th and 2nd can be saved.

b. SNO office user for Spanish Classes - Trish Schilling reported that SNO had a discussion for using the SNO office for non-SNO activities.

c. Ritz Foundation Board Position for SNO President and Foundation - Trish Schilling reported that the Ritz Foundation has offered a board position to the SNO president. SNO voted to accept the position.

5. Introductions

6. Crime and Safety

a. 14th Avenue NE - Carol reported that there was a meeting about the problem properties on 14th Avenue. Carol asked that neighbors call 911 over curfew issues. Carol said she thinks that no one took the “Please Slow Down” sign and some one needs to deliver the sign to one of the neighbors for the street. Chris Koelfgen said that he would try to deliver the sign. The property owners would be willing to discuss the loitering. The property owners all made it to the meeting. One of the property owners is evicting one of his tenants. Carol reported that the people she was most concerned about have now moved out, and the other person she is most concerned out will be out by August. On September 12th at 2:00 pm there will be a block party for the neighborhood. It will probably be held in the Dusty's parking lot. Carol is the contact for the block party.

b. General Crime Report - Carol Reported that crime YTD is down 10%. There has been an increase in a couple of areas. There was an increase in robbery and in motor vehicle theft. She reported that if you are interested in receiving the weekly crime data through email, please let her know. She also said that citizens should fill out the community impact statements for the incidents in their neighborhood to help with sentencing when the perpetrators are caught.

7. Development

a. Jacob's 101 Site - George Jacob and Frank Dunbar gave a presentation about the preliminary plans for the Jacob's 101 site. Frank presented some preliminary sketches for the site. Frank said the plan is 60 for-sale condominium units with 3 commercial units on the first floor. There would be 4 walkout town homes on Main Street with their own garages for parking. The rest would be in an elevator unit. There would be underground parking for the elevated condos at a 1 to 1 ratio. There would be 40 surface parking places for the commercial space. They are not asking for any city assistance or TIFF financing. The units will all be market rate. They believe that there are no variances or conditional use permits required for this development. Preliminary pricing range is low $200’s to $350,000. Tom Taylor motioned that SNO send a letter of support to the concept that was presented. Chris Koelfgen Seconded. Motion Passed.

b. Ritz Theater - Trish Schilling said that SNO has a number of issues with the Ritz Theater and the ballet of the Dolls that need to be resolved. There are issues with the commitment to spend SNO funds on the Theater and not the Ballet of the Dolls, the board position for the SNO President on the Ritz Foundation, and parking issues with the theater. Trish Schilling wants SNO to have a membership in the Ritz Foundation. The Ballet of the Dolls wants us to release the SNO funds allocated for the theater, but the SNO funds are contingent on the city funds and the Ballet of the Dolls funds. Trish said that SNO needs the Ballet of the Dolls come to the next meeting to discuss these issues.

c. Grain Belt Housing - Trish Schilling reported that there is nothing new to report on this front.

d. River Run II - There was a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Sherman and Associates. Sherman and Associates wants a letter of support from SNO for the project. Chris Koelfgen motioned to send a letter of support. Ezra Ebner seconded. Motion Passed.

8. Environment

a. Gluek Park Update - Tom Taylor said that the EPA does have money for the cleanup and it will begin soon. There is a series of meetings that will be held to determine the future of the park

b. Toxic Tour Update - The toxic tour is tomorrow. Don Samuels will be the host.

9. Committee Reports

a. Events Committee - Ice Cream Social - Seaem MacKay reported that the Ice Cream social is on for September 2nd. The flyer will be sent out before the ice cream social.

b. NRP/Housing - Phase II planning, grievance statement - The NRP committee meets the third Monday. September 22nd is the next meeting. John asked if the board would invite Ron Corsh to the next meeting to discuss the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation. John distributed the Phase II Participation Agreement. Tom Taylor moved to approve the Phase II Participation agreement. Chris Koelfgen seconded. Motion Passed. He asked for volunteers to join the NRP Planning Committee so they could plan and write the neighborhood plan.

c. Outreach - Tom Taylor said that all calls of the phone tree were made.

10. Representative Reports

a. 2nd Precinct Advisory Committee - Ezra Ebner reported that there was no 2PAK meeting in August.

b. MEND - Tom Taylor said that there will be a series of meetings to develop a plan for the development of the green space in MEND.

c. CHP - Mike Romens reported that the CHP is now processing its new volunteers that were recruited through the Sheridan survey. Seaen MacKay motioned to allow Theresa Schwitzer to use the SNO office for Spanish classes and require a $10 donation per class. Chris seconded. Motion passed.

d. AFCAC - Chuck Sullivan reported that in September is the annual meeting for AFCAC. The Sheridan representative needs to be elected. Tom Taylor motioned that Chuck Sullivan be elected as the Sheridan Representative. Chris seconded. Motion Passed. Seaem MacKay moved that Chris Koelfgen and Tom Taylor be the alternates to AFCAC. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed.

11. Open Microphone

a. Seaem MacKay said not to forget about the ice cream social

b. John Akre said Wednesday September 22nd is world car free day.

Chris Moved to Adjourn. Ezra Ebner second. Meeting Adjourned at 9:10.

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