SNO Meeting Minutes

September 27th, 2004

Meeting called to order at 7:07

I. Introductions

II. Previous Meeting Minutes. Previous meeting minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Trish moved that the minutes be amended so the tree is on 15th and 2nd. Trish moved to accept the minutes as accepted. Chris seconded. Motion passed.

III. Treasurer's Report. No treasurer's report.

IV. Representative Reports

a. Second Precinct Advisory Committee (2PAK) - No 2PAK report.

b. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development (MEND) - Jenny reported that MEND has met and is moving forward to planning the parks along the river. Jenny would like ideas from the public to present to the committee.

c. Community Health Program (CHP) - Susan reported that CHP has hired a new executive director, because

d. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee - Chris reported that September 28th, is the annual meeting at 7:00.

e. Grain Belt Area Artists Task Force - Trish Schilling reported that she put in a call to our art space contact who is now Greg Handberg. Greg said that everything is on tract. Trish said that the Task force is going to try and meet quarterly, so they are setting up a meeting.

V. Committee Reports

a. Events Committee - Ice Cream Social and SNO ball - Trish Schilling reported that over a hundred people showed up to the ice scream social. Trish asked if anyone is interested in attending a brain storming session for planning the SNO Ball.

b. NRP Housing - John Akre reported that the committee meets the 3rd Monday of every month. The committee will soon change its name to the NRP Phase II steering Committee. The NRP Phase II Steering Committee will plan the Phase II implementation of the NRP funds. John presented the application for prospective members of the committee to the board and asked that the board approve the application. Ezra Ebner moved to approve the application. Trish Schilling seconded. Motion passed. John said that the next meeting is October 18th. John said that if want to move some funds from our down payment assistance program to a NRP GAP program. This will require a board vote and a 30 day public notice of the meeting during which the vote will take place (the public notice would be an advertisement in the Northeaster). Trish asked that any ad contain the date and time of the next SNO meeting and that the ad contain our new address.

c. Outreach/SNO News - Jenny reported that Outreach consists mainly of the phone tree which is generated from the sign in sheets at the meetings. Jenny reported that we are trying to open the SNO office, so anyone who would like to sit in the SNO office during gallery openings please contact Mike Romens. Jenny reported that the SNO News doesn't have an editor so this is a volunteer opportunity.

d. Business - No report.

VI. Jacob's 101 - George Jacob - Frank Dunbar reported that he has had meetings with Council Member Samuels and the city planning. Although they believed that they did not need any conditional use permits or variances, they learned that they need to rezone the two existing residential lots. They will also need a conditional use permit for the height over 56 ft, and the 5th floor. They will also need a variance for the setback on Main Street. Frank said the current design is 59 residential units, 3 town-homes, and 2-3 commercial units on Broadway. Frank said the city doesn’t want anymore parking then absolutely necessary and the city may challenge the number of parking stalls planned as too many. There are 59 underground stalls and 53 surface level stalls. Frank said that they would like to move the bus stop on Broadway and 2nd back about 100 feet. Frank said that current design is for the units to have the following footprints: 834 ft2, 890 ft2, 1035 ft2, 1250 ft2, 1270 ft2, 1180 ft2, and one about 1700 ft2. Frank said the name of the project is Crescent Trace. Frank passed around some initial sketches and asked for community input into the finalized design for the project. There was a straw poll and the upper two designs were selected by all present.

VII. NRP Gap Program - Ron Korsh - Ron Korsh reminded everyone about the St. Anthony West fundraiser on October 9th. Ron said that the program tries to get control of the worst houses in the neighborhood. Ron said they offer the owner fair market value for the houses. Then they completely recondition the house and sell it as owner occupied housing. Ron said that sometimes they will demolish the house and build a new house on the lot. Ron said that this is an expensive and long term process. Trish Schilling moved that SNO allocate up to $400 to put an advertisement on the Northeaster providing public notice that SNO will be discussing changes to its NRP funds. Chris seconded. Motion passed.

VIII. Lead Paint Abatement - Cami Harris - Cami Harris said that she represented clear corp. She said that they do education, health programs, risk assessment, testing, and abatement for lower income families. She asked if there was a way for SNO to help Clear Corps get the word out like placing flyers in the SNO office. Jenny Fortman said that SNO will put the flyers in the SNO office.

IX. Mend Parks Initiative - Jenny Fortman

X. Open Microphone

a. Valdis Rozentals said he has talked to the city attorney and Sgt. Olson at the 2nd Precinct. He said the 3 individuals were apprehended for graffiti. One of the suspects has over 50 tags that are attributed to him. Valdis asked that SNO residents send a community impact statement about the graffiti to the police.

b. Chris said that wants the board to approve the text of a recruiting letter to be sent to the fix and paint participants. Jenny said that formal approval is not necessary.

c. Chuck wanted to remind everyone about

d. Ezra Ebner reminded everyone about the debate at 7:00 tomorrow.

e. Ron Korsh reminded everyone about the meeting about the B.F Nelson site at 7:00 at Thursday 30th at Park board headquarters.

XI. Announcements

Trish Schilling Moved to adjourn. Chris Seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:58.

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