SNO Meeting Minutes

Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

Meeting Minutes

November 22nd, 2004

Meeting called to order at 7:03.

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Previous Meeting Minutes. Previous meeting minutes were read by Trish Schilling. Jenny Fortman amended that Dusty's Lot is not removed from the Grain Belt development but removing it from the category "Appropriate for Acquisition". Jenny offered that RFM must have a plan by March 2005 and implement it by 2007. Ezra Ebner moved to accept the minutes as amended. Tom Taylor seconded. Motion passed.

III. Treasurer's Report. Treasurer’s report given my Seaen MacKay.

a. Bank Balance: $22,590.08

b. General: $19,587.83

c. CDGB: $3752.25

d. NRP: Admin $-750.00

IV. Representative Reports

a. Second Precinct Advisory Committee. No 2PAK report. Jenny Fortman said that Carol Oosterhuis would like if SNO would officially appoint a representative.

b. Mississippi eastside Neighborhood Development (MEND). Jenny Fortman said that there was a meeting with Jeff Rugel. She said that our bar beat hours were allocated to North Minneapolis enough so that our Bar Beat will run through December. She said that with the remaining time they will continue the patrols for the bar beat, but they will use some of the time to put a officer with a radar gun on Marshall during evening rush hour. Mike Rainville said that May 21st the fountain for the library will be turned on. Mike said that John Cunningham has offered to help up with the open space development on Marshall. Mike said that there is a bike trail being planned from the river west to the Quarry. Mike said that we need to be organized to ensure that as parcels are developed that the neighborhoods get what we want from the developments.

c. Community Health Program. No community health program.

d. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee. No above the falls report.

e. Grain belt Area Artist Task Force. Jenny said that she went to the last Grain Belt meeting. She said that it had a good turnout and she hopes to have the new representative come to SNO’s meeting in January.

V. Committee Reports.

a. Events Committee - SNO Ball

VI. NRP. John Akre said that he NRP Committee met on November 15th. He said that the committee has divided up the plans and will start looking at the various plans to get ideas for our Phase II plan. He said that the Northeaster will print the ad on December 2nd to announce that the SNO board will be discussing shifting some of the NRP money to the GAP program. He said the next meeting will be Monday December 20th planning for the town meeting. Jenny Fortman said that the board must vote to extend the NRP contract. Jenny said that the city is now charging for each extension so she would like to extend the contract for more than the standard 2 years. Tom Taylor motioned to extend the contract up to five years. Chris seconded. Motion passed.

a. Outreach/SNO News. No report.

b. Business. No report.

VII. Sales and redevelopment of 331 Bar - Jon Oldman. Jon said that the plan is to close the bar for 6 weeks and give the place a makeover. He said that it is going to be more of a sit down place than it is today. He said that he is working on an agreement with the Modern to offer bar food. Tom Taylor moved that SNO write a letter in support of Jon Oldman getting a liquor license. Trish Schilling seconded. Motion passed.

VIII. Ritz Theater & Ballet of the Dolls. Jenny said that she would like to thank Trish Schilling for focusing SNO on Ballet of the Dolls and getting everything on the table.

a. Update on Development - Craig Harris. Craig said that getting ownership of the building has been a stumbling block, but that they are now past that. He said he learned that a donor is giving them $300,000. He said that brings them to $1.5 million. The developers said that they have gone through the plans and have got a plan that saves a considerable amount of money so they can put things back into the plan that were taken out do to cost. They said that they are working with the school for the redevelopment of the playground into the parking lot. They said that they have separated the parking lot costs from the cost to restore the theater. They said that they need to get a management plan for the parking lot for after it is finished. They asked if Sheridan would conceptually give a $50,000 zero interest loan to create a businesses association to manage the parking lot. They said then the lot could then be used by all of the businesses in the area. Q&A Followed. Tom Taylor made a motion that the SNO recognizes that the Ritz Theater requires parking to open and SNO would be willing to look at the idea of giving a $50,000 zero interest loan to a business association to redevelop the parking lot for the Ritz. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed.

b. Ritz Theater Foundation Articles of Inc. - Jenny Fortman. Jenny said that the board needs to approve changes to the Ritz Theater Articles of Incorporation. Chris motioned to approve the changes to the Ritz’s Articles of Incorporation. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed. Seaen MacKay motioned that SNO support the Ballet of the Dolls go forward with ownership of the building. Tom Taylor seconded. Motion passed.

IX. Marshall Street Traffic Slow Down - Trish Schilling. Jenny Fortman announced that there was another accident today at 13th and Marshall. She said that buildings have been hit 3 times this year, there has been a motorcycle fatality, and there was a kid on a bicycle who was hit. Jenny said that Mike Rainville is meeting with the city on December 1st. Trish Schilling said that they will discuss traffic calming. Dave Hanna offered to put up a Marshall Street traffic BLOG. She said that it would allow us to record the incidents so that we would have a record. She said that if we can get a database of a 1000 incidents it will make a real difference. Seaen MacKay made a motion to spend up to $125 to create a BLOG to get a record of the incidents on Marshall. Tom Taylor seconded. Motion passed.

X. Problem Properties

a. 14th and Main Street.

b. 214 & 216 16th Avenue. Russ said that there are heroin and crack dealers at the property. He said that there have 64 police calls to the house in 2004. He said John Jacobson owns the house. He said that John Jacobson would not talk to Don Samuels. Ezra Ebner moved that SNO make a formal request to Carol to look into this property. Tom Taylor seconded. Motion passed.

XI. Open Microphone

XII. Announcements

a. Jenny Fortman announced that Chef Michael MacKay is Iron Chef Champion.

b. Jenny Fortman announced there is a farewell party for Amy Ryan on December 5:30-7:30 at Bottineau library.

c. Jenny Fortman announced that Carol Pass was elected as our NRP policy board member.

d. Jenny Fortman announced that Minneapolis hate Crimes Response and Prevention Forum and Training will take place on Tuesday, November 30th at Sabathani Community Center.

Tom Taylor moved to adjourn. Bob Sorg seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

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