SNO Meeting Minutes

Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

February 28th, 2005

Meeting Minutes

All board members were present.

Meeting called to order at 7:00

1. Welcome And Introductions

2. Previous Meeting Minutes. Meeting Minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Tom Taylor moved to accept the minutes as amended. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer's Report. Treasurer's report given by Seaen MacKay.

a. Bank Balance: $29,257,01

b. General Funds: $22,429,23 with activity

i. Deposits of $3,219 from SNO Ball

ii. Expenses of $547.50

c. CDBG : $3,752.25

d. NRP Admin: $75.53

e. NRP Admin Phase II: $3,000.00

4. Representative Reports

a. Second Precinct Advisory Committee (2PAC). No 2PAK report.

b. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development (MEND). Jenny Fortman said that MEND has not meet since the last SNO meeting, so there is no report.

c. Community Health Program (CHP). Susan Kulstead said that there has been no CHP steering committee meeting since the last SNO meeting.

d. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee (AFCAC). Chuck Sullivan said that there is a lost momentum at AFCAC. He said that it is good that Chris Koeflgen has joined. The primary issues are the Phase I Plan which they have been working on for a year and a half. However, it is controlled by the park board and they have been dragging there feet so not much has been done. The other issue is the creation of the riverfront development corporation. The city has selected a consultant to help determine how the corporation should be organized. Tom Taylor asked if there is anything in the plan for culture investigation with respect to the development. Chuck Sullivan said there is some about the ox cart trails. Chuck said most of the culture investigation corresponds to industrial heritage and not issues such as native American heritage.

5. Committee Reports

a. Events Committee - SNO. Jenny Fortman thanked every one who worked on the SNO ball. Christine said that the SNO ball turned out very well. Jenny Fortman said that the SNO ball brought in $4949. Seaen MacKay said that the smaller venue of Jacob’s 101 seemed to work out better and that next year they will plan on having another small venue.

b. NRP. John Akre reported that the applications for 2005 Fix and Paint went out in the last Northeaster.

c. Outreach/ SNO News.

d. Business

6. Prostitution at 1208 University Ave NE - Inspector Val Wuster, 2nd Precinct. Inspector Wurster said that on February 14th, FOX 9 did a report on a brothel on 1028 University. They taped the activity at the premises and then confronted the alleged Madame. Inspector Wurster said that the police had been investigating the premises and both the CERT team and the state juvenile prostitution team were working on the case. They had tape on all of the players and were working on the case, but once the program aired, the property was cleaned out so they could not make any arrests. They are reviewing the information they have, but the possibility of prosecution of with the given information is almost none. Inspector Wurster said that this was a tragedy because now the juveniles have been moved to who knows where and the police now can not complete the investigation. Jenny asked if the police could provide a guide for the residents so that they will report stuff to the police rather than the media. Chris Koeflgen said that immediate neighbors to the property said that they had contacted police last summer and felt that the police had not completed the job properly. He also said that he notified the SNO board that FOX was doing this investigation. Jenny said that the SNO board had contacted the police wit the information about FOX. Trish Schilling asked if the police can not get the media to stop a story. Inspector said normally the police would be able to stop this story, but she feels that FOX wanted to air this story regardless. Carol said that the alleged Madame owns the property and that the County Attorney is looking into sending an initial nuisance letter. Chris asked about the incident that occurred with the police last summer at the location. Inspector Wuster said that she has no knowledge of this incident and will look into it. She said that she in confused as to when the police were first notified about the location and she will look into it. Inspector Wurster said that they are looking into whether they will be able to charge anyone, or seize the house as it related to illegal activity. Inspector Wurster said that she has sent a letter to the local television stations to see if they can work out how they can collaborate and not conflict with each other. Inspector Wurster was asked about whetter garage break-ins were still a problem. Inspector Wurster said that auto theft is the biggest problem right now. She said that there has been a large increase in aut thefts since the beginning of the year. Carol said that residents should call the police if they hear breaking glass or any suspicious activity. Carol said that there were two recent arrests of individuals driving stolen vehicles. Seaen said that she was concerned about post it notes that were put on the cars in her neighborhood.

7. Priming the Pump for Sheridan 2015 - John Akre. John Akre said that the NRP Phase II steering committee has scheduled a town meeting for Saturday to brainstorm for the Phase II plan. John said there will be three parts to the meeting. The first will be a summary of the various plans around the area. The second will be a small group session of what we visualize for Sheridan in 2015 and generate some action items for the neighborhood. Then they groups will summarize their action items for the whole group, and then the participants will dot vote for which action items are most important to the neighborhood. This will allow the steering committee to allocate the Phase II resources with the goals of the community in mind. Tom Taylor asked what the allocation for Phase II would be and John Akre said it would be in the range of $430,000 to $470,000 (versus $2 million for Phase I). Jenny Fortman introducted Kari Haug a new neighbor who has a businesses on 13th avenue. Kari said she was interested in being the 13th Ave business representative for SNO.

8. SNO Office. Jenny Fortman said it has been six months since SNO leased to office, and it is time to review whether or not SNO should keep the office. John Akre said that the NRP Phase II planning committee has put money for 2 years in its budget for rent of the SNO office. Discussion followed of current and possible future uses of the office.

9. Board Business

a. Interim Board Actions.

i. The board approved $100 for food at the Interim Board meeting on Saturday.

b. Trees Removed From 15th Ave. Near River Run. Jenny Fortman said that at least two of the trees removed from the River Run site were removed illegally. The issue is both the responsibility of Public Works and the Park board, and neither wanted to claim the issue. Jenny said that she sent a formal letter to Council Member Samuels to ask for his attention on this issue. In response his aid has said that this is one of their top issues. Chuck Sullivan said that he is concerned that Sherman and Associates has raised the grade of the lot is conflict with their agreement that that building will be 35 feet above current grade. Jenny asked Chuck to take the issue up with the zoning commission.

10. Open Microphone

a. Tom Taylor announced that there was a one page spread in the Rake on 13th Ave.

b. Tom Taylor reminded everyone that the board elections are in April and he encouraged Sheridan residents to run for one of the three open board positions.

c. Tom Taylor announced that Holland neighborhood has scheduled a hot dish challenge in April. Tom Taylor sad that Sheridan's honor is on the line and we need participants.

d. Bob Sorg said that during the crime meeting with the businesses the topic of the neighborhood walk came up, and he would like to see SNO’s weekly neighborhood walk restarted.

11. Announcements

a. Jenny Fortman said that Isabelle Harder is looking for folks to help plan the Riverfront cleanup.

b. Jenny Fortman said that she has the information for "Clean Sweep". She said that SNO has not sponsored it in the past, but she is looking for someone to coordinate it.

c. Jenny Fortman said that the City Of Minneapolis is looking for addresses of problem properties because they are going to inspect all of the rental properties in the City. The City is asked for addresses to prioritize the inspection schedule.

d. Lee Tuchfarber said that he is interested in the opinion of the neighborhood in how as a commercial real estate developer he can help the revitalization of the neighborhood.

e. DFL Precinct caucuses are tomorrow night.

Ezra Ebner moved to adjourn. Tom Taylor Seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:05.

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