Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

March 27th, 2006

Meeting Minutes

All board members were present except Jenny Fortman.

Meeting called to order at 7:05

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Previous Meeting's Minutes – previous meeting minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Kristine Harley motioned to accept the minutes as amended. Clara Perrin seconded. Motion passed.

III. Treasurer's report

a. Bank Balance: $24,430.97

b. General Funds: $24.706.50

c. CDBG: $275.53

d. NRP Admin: $-1706.95

Clara Perrin Motioned to accept the treasurer's report. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed.

IV. Interim Board Actions

a. Resolution about outdoor music. Chris Keolfgen explained that this resolution has come from a request for support for a local bar that wanted to have an outdoor music tent during Art-a-whirl. He explained the process by which the board compromised on this resolution. General discussion followed.

b. Allocated $1000 for future postcard mailings.

V. Representative Reports

a. Second Precinct Advisory Committee (2PAC) – No 2PACK report.

b. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development (MEND) – No MEND report.

c. Community Health Program (CHP) – Mike Romens said that the contract is supposed to end this month.

d. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee (AFCAC) – Chris Keolfgen said that AFCAC is busy reforming itself. He said that they released the draft of the critical area plan.

e. Shorham Yards – No report.

VI. Committee reports

a. Events Committee – Seaen McKay said that the SNO ball was a success. And they looked at the Ritz for the 2007 SNO Ball. They have set the date as February 3rd, 2007.

b. NRP – John Akre said the next NRP committee is April 17th at the SNO office. He said that they will have a draft of the plan for the annual meeting in April. They plan to have a June 10th, town-hall meeting on the plan.

c. Outreach/SNO News – No report.

d. Business – No business report.

e. SNO Art Task Force – No report.

VII. Grain Belt Housing Phase 1 – Ross Feffercorn said that the remains of the old brewery have not been surveyed properly. So they are going to have an archeological dig for map out the exact dimensions of the old brewery foundation. He said that will go up before planning and zoning on April 10th. He said they are asking for a mix of C1 and R5. He said that this seems to be supported the entire planning committee. He said they are asking for variances for a small parking lot on Main and one other parking lot. He asked for SNO support for the parking for the office building. He discussed their water management plan. He said that they expect to start construction in September. Frank Stone moved that we send a letter in support of the project in general and specifically is support of the parking lot north of the old office building. Ezra Ebner seconded. Motion passed.

VIII. View RFP’s for Holland school Reuse – Kevin did not attend the meeting.

IX. River Run Town Homes – Elizabeth Flannery. Elizabeth Flannery said that she wanted to give an update on the town homes at the River Run location. She said that construction will begin this spring. She passed around revised drawings of the proposed town homes. She said that have moved from a flat roof to a slanted roof. She said that will have to go before the planning commission. They would like to get up before the City Council by May 8th. She asked for SNO to send a letter of support to the planning commission in support of the design changes. Bob Sorg motioned to send a letter supporting the design provided it still fits within the original height specifications of the plan. Kristine Hartley seconded. Motion passed.

X. River Run Public Art – Update and review the RFP process. Trish Schilling said they are looking a gateway project and a fending or railing project. Trish said that she would like present the qualifying entries for the RFP at SNO’s town hall meeting in June rather than at the April annual meeting. Trish said that they now have a draft RFP for the project. She said that Sherman and Associates is providing the budget of $25,000. She said that they are restricting the selection to artists living in and or working the 1st and 3rd wards of Minneapolis.

XI. Open Microphone

a. Shelia Biernat said she is the organizer for the Northeast Community walking program. She said they want all neighborhood groups to walk the equivalent of the distance from the Mississippi headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico by September. She said that she is looking for people to participate in the walks.

b. Charles Krenz said he approved of the way the 331 has been run in the last

c. Steve Sugarman said that Gallery 13 is planning to have folk or blues music outdoors during Art-a-whirl.

d. Keith McKenna said that he has opened a massage therapist in the Polish White Eagle building.

e. Kristin said that the committee discussing the Wi-Fi proposal is preparing to submit their proposal for the City wide wireless network. She asked for any community input.

XII. Announcements

a. Mike Romens announced that today is Jenny Fortman's birthday.

b. Seaen McKay said that the Hot-dish revolution will be April 22nd.

c. Clara Perrin said that the Northeast parade is looking for nominations for grand marshall of the Eastside parade.

d. Don Risk said that the Northeast parade is the second oldest parade in Minnesota. The parade is June 20th. He asked if SNO would provide a donation for the parade.

XIII. Adjourn

Frank Stone moved to adjourn. Bob Sorg seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:10.

Interim Board actions for April 2006

*Chris Koelgfen motions to spend $125 for refreshments for the annual meeting, Frank Stone seconds, and motion carries.

*Frank Stone motions to pay $100 for 3 plaques for annual meeting awards, Chris Koelfgen 2nds, motion carries.

*Frank Stone motions that Chris submit, on behalf of SNO to add language regarding connections to the river at 13th & 17th Ave. to the critical area plan. Chris seconds, motion carries.

*Chris motions, Frank seconds, Frank amends the motion, Chris accepts that we send $150.00 to the NE Chamber of Commerce for the parade. Motion carried.

*Chris motioned, Ezra seconded that we pay the League of Women Voters $60.00 honorarium to count the ballots at the annual election.

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