Sheridan Neighborhood Meeting Minutes May 22, 2006

- Welcome and introductions

- Previous minutes were read and amended. Melissa Davis motioned to accept the amended minutes, Pam Lohse seconded and minutes were approved

- No treasurers report, will report next month

- Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac) no report, but Diane Hoefstad spoke about the reformation and expansion of the Second Precinct to bring in more city resources, including stepped up city property inspections. Encouraged people to still call 311 in addition to the upcoming inspections.

MEND: Jenny Fortman said that MEND is regrouping and needs a new representative, who will be Bob Sorg and Chris Koelfgren said he would say on as the other SNO representative. MEND will have a meeting in June with Cunningham Group regarding the connection of bikeways along the Mississippi and how it will tie into the Marshall Street Plan.

AFCAC: Chris Koefgren said the next meeting would be May 23rd, 2006. The Critical Area plan was going forward with the city. The Park Board is trying to purchase a cement factory on the North side of the river and that MWMO has entertained redirecting money that is earmarked for Sheridan Park to purchase the property. A letter in support of the purchase was sent forward, but it did not contain specific language about using that earmarked money.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee; No report

NRP: John Akre reminded all attendees that there will be a NRP Town Hall meeting June 10th @ Eastside Neighborhood Services starting at 10:00 am. John also said that due to the publication schedule of the Northeaster the planned advert did not happen and asked the board to allow the NRP Committee to send out a postcard for the meeting. Since the cost of the advert was approved at a previous meeting, and the cost of the postcard was similar, Melissa Davis made a motion to approve the postcard cost, Seaen MacKay seconded. There was discussion and the motion passed.

Business Committee: No report

Outreach Committee: Jenny Fortman volunteered to update the Phone Tree.

SNO Art: The RFP is completed. There was a meeting on May 18th, 3 artists were present to ask questions regarding the RFP. Deadlines for entries are June 1st @ 4;30 pm. The selection committee will meet and review the proposals. The proposals will also be presented at the NRP Town Hall meeting June 10th to give community feedback. The final selection is expected at the end of June/beginning of July.

Open Microphone:

- WIFI for the city of Mpls is having a test phase and it’s time for public comment. To try out the WIFI go the city’s website and follow the links.

- 3rd Ward task force is meeting May 31st at ESNS 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm

- Mayor Ryback mentioned that what a great time for the city with both the central library and the Ritz theatre opening.

- Gabby's was talked about by many regarding the problems neighbors are experiencing. Bob Sorg asked for that to be moved to new business.

- A bike committee has been formed.

- A neighborhood senior is looking for assistance with chores and housework.

Northeast Citizens Community Patrol (NECP): Shelly Leeson gave an overview of the program that was started by an Audubon resident. It is a network of individuals that meet to walk or bike around their neighborhood as a visual deterrent to crime. They record problem properties, criminal activity and graffiti and report this information to the city either online or by calling 311. Shelly informed Sheridan Neighborhood how to form their own club and handed out information on the program.

Minnesota Dept. of Health: A brief review the vermiculite/asbestos study was given by Rita Meesing, Jill Kornek and Jean Johnson. Dr. Alexander from the U of M spoke about the health study that is a follow up to the Asbestos study. It will begin May 2006 and go through September of 2008 to evaluate people in the community that participated in the asbestos study.

Sheridan Park and Veterans Memorial: Jenny Fortman asked for input ideas on design of the Memorial.

New Business: residents surrounding the bar discussed Gabby's on Marshall Street. Comments were made about the noise, parking, gunshots, people banging on doors in the middle of the night and fear of the well being of themselves and families. A few suggestions were made: Contact Richard Maas with 2PAC to set up a meeting with Gabby's owners and concerned residents, continue to call 911, try to band together and support one another and Nina Axelson offered to help find out about police call received about the property and work with residents to get a solution.

More Discussion on Crime and how rampant it has become in Sheridan with gunshots being fired, thefts on the increase and a lack of any police presence in our community. Frustration was very evident and all agreed that Crime it is the biggest issue affecting us and destroying our sense of security and community. All were encouraged to write and phone Mayor and City leaders and not give up.

Melissa Davis moved to adjourn the meeting Nina seconded and motioned carried.

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