Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

May 23rd, 2005

Meeting Minutes

All board members were present.

Meeting called to order at 7:00

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Treasurer's Report

a. Bank Balance: $25,659.11

b. CDBG: $-120.22

c. NRP Admin Phase II: $2025.53

III. Representative Reports

a. Second Precinct Advisory Committee

b. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development. Jenny Fortman reported that the grand opening of the Bottineau library fountain was on the previous Saturday. She said that there is still fundraising going on.

c. Community Health Program - Susan Kulstead reported that the new executive director is instituting some changes in the program. She said that the are creating some efficiency and doing a lot of partnering.

d. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee – Jenny said that Chuck Sullivan has asked that Chris Keoflgen be the AFCAC representative for SNO and Chuck be the alternative. Ezra Ebner moved that Chris Koelfgen be the SNO representative for AFCAC and Chuck Sullivan be the alternate. Kirsten seconded. Motion Passed. Chris said that AFCAC is looking for someone to volunteer to do some computer work. Jenny said that the Minnesota watershed Management Organization and a Veterans group are interested in developing Sheridan park with a Veterans Memorial. She said that the discussions are just beginning on the development. Chris said AFCAC is interested in the project.

IV. Committee Reports

a. Events Committee – NO events committee report.

b. NRP – John Akre said that the NRP committee got a number of surveys filled out during Art-a-whirl. He also reported the NRP committee is planning for a meeting with the Ron Corsh the director of the GAP project and someone from CPED to create the contract between te City and SNO to implement the GAP program. He reported that they plan to have a draft of the SNO Phase II NRP plan early next year. He said that he would like to have the Phase II plan for what the neighborhood envisions for the future and not for just what there is funding to implement, because the City may incorporate the neighborhood’s plan into the City's master plan.

c. Outreach/SNO News – Jenny Fortman said that Tom Taylor has handed over the phone tree, and she is looking for someone to take over the management of the phone tree. Bob and Clara said that they would be willing to help with the phone tree.

d. Business – Jenny Fortman said that she would like to have a planning meeting for Phase II NRP but has not had time to schedule it yet.

e. Board – Interim Board Actions – Jenny Fortman reported the board voted at its interim meeting to send a letter of support for the Ballet of the dolls parking lot rezoning.

V. Emily O. Goodridge – Grey Charter Shool – Dimitri Russell

Dimitri said they are looking at several former Minneapolis public schools locations to place a charter school. Currently they are looking at Putnam school. Dimitri said that charter schools are a good way to create competition in the school systems, and strengthen the education system. He would like to create charter school in Northeast in the fall of 2006. He said that he is targeting Northeast because not only of the recent school closings, but also that Northeast Minneapolis parents were the most dissatisfied parents in the city.

Dimirti distributed a letter of support for people to fill out and send to him. He asked that people will fill out the form for him to give him some feedback.

He said that they would like to be K-12 eventually. He said that providing K-12 allows them to take the child from kindergarten and nurture them until they go to a higher educational program. He said they just don’t want to drop kids off a 3rd or 6th grade. He said that if they keep the children until 12th grade they will be able to collect data on the success of their program.

Dimitri then discussed the Mission of the school and its implications on the education of the students. He also said they are looking for a parent of Northeast to be a member of the board of the school so they have parent involvement on the board.

Dimitri said that they are looking at Putnam because the school is shared with the park board, so the size is right. They are also looking at Waite Park, but that is a stand alone facility, so it is a little big for their purposes.

VI. Rezoning of 1227 4th St. – Julie and Paul Humiston

Paul Humiston said that they are looking to open a neighborhood centric gardening store. In order to do this the property needs to be rezoned as C1. He said that this is the lowest commercial zoning in the City. He said that he would need two variances to open the store. The first is to allow the cars parked in the parking lot to back up into the alley. The second variance is to allow the store to have outdoor sales.

He said that they plan for most of the traffic to come into the front door and not to come in from the alley. He said that there will be accessible parking in the back. He said that they have submitted their blueprints to the City. They will have three parking spaces in the back and a 4-bike rack in the front.

He said they have submitted their plan to City and they are asking for SNO's formal support. He said that have gotten two thirds of the required signatures for residents within 100 feet. They will have City Planning Commission public hearing on June 27th, a Planning Commission Meeting on July 14th, a full City council meeting on July 22nd.

Some of the neighbors raised concerns about the parking and the deliveries for the store. Paul said that they will try to work with the suppliers to avoid problems with the deliveries. There were also concerns about the encroachment of the commercial zoning along

Ezra Ebner moved that SNO support the rezoning of 1227 4th St as C1, with an agreement that the property owner shall continue to work with the neighbors on the parking and deliveries issues. Chris Koelfgen seconded. There was discussion on whether or not the neighborhood group should have first right of refusal, but it was decided that any agreement should be between the neighbors and the Paul. Motion passed.

VII. Rezoning of former King Coin Laundry at 13th Ave and 4th St. – Dave Pederson

Dave said that he can not get a C1 zoning because there is residential on the property. He said that he wants to keep the residential. Therefore, he is asking for SNO’s support for a conditional use permit to open a coffee shop in the storefront on the property, with a recommendation that they not require the house to be torn down. Frank Stone motioned to support a conditional use permit for 1237 4th St to allow a coffee shop without requiring the owner to remove the house and garage that exist on the property. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed.

VIII. Modern Café expansion and variance – Jim Grell

Jim Grell said that he wants to extend the building from 1600 sq ft to 2400 sq ft. He said that they will have parking issues after the expansion. He said that they will need a variance for three spaces. Frank Stone moved that SNO support the variance for three parking spaces for the Modern. Clara Perrin seconded. Motion passed.

IX. Open Microphone

Toby Harris said has a plan to open a Northeast Media Lounge on 13th and 2nd. She said she is going out into the community looking for support for this rather than another wine bar in the neighborhood.

X. Announcements

a. Chris Koeflgen announced that the World Log Rolling Championship will be held at North Mississippi park on July 16th and 17th..

b. Chris Koeflgen announced on June 21st that the Community health expo will be held at eastside Neighborhood Services.

c. Chris Koeflgen announced that paddle the Mississippi challenge August 6-7. Registration at

d. Chris Koeflgen announced that Jacob’s development has sold enough units to break ground.

XI. Previous meeting minutes. Previous meeting minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Borg Sorg moved to accept the minutes as amended. Chris seconded. Motion passed.

XII. Adjourn

Bob Sorg moved to adjourn. Clara seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:05.

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