SNO Neighborhood Meeting Minutes 6/26/2006

- Welcome and introductions

- Previous minutes were read and amended. Melissa Davis motioned to accept the amended minutes, Pam Lohse seconded and minutes were approved

-Treasurer's report given by Melissa Davis

- Representative's reports:

Second Precinct (2Pac): Bill Lloyd attended last meeting gave a brief overview and told us about a new noise ordinance starting 7/1/06

MEND: Bob Sorg met w/MEND regarding the ongoing design of Marshall Street.

Grain Belt: Jenny Fortman gave an update on the GB Housing and the discovery of the miss-plotted Orth Brewery foundation.

AFCAC: Chris Koelfgren said that SNO needs to appoint an alternate representative and send a letter to AFCAC of the appointee.

-Committee Reports

Events Committee; No report

NRP: John Akre discussed the NRP Phase II plan and the results of the NRP Town meeting. Overall the plan was given thumbs up by the participants. The next steps for the plan are, SNO approval, NRP approval and City Council Approval.

Business Committee: No report

Outreach Committee: No report

SNO Art: No Report

Open Microphone:

- Big planters are wanted by the 13th Ave Businesses to line the street

- Problem properties and absentee landlords

- Holland School Reuse

- National Night Out 8/1/06

Sheridan Memorial Park: Visual presentation by Joshua Shields from HR Green Arch. To get input on material choices from the meeting group for Path material, Reflection pool, Markers, Tree selection, Peace garden and Rain garden, etc.

Eastside Food Co-op: Amy Shields talked about debt restructuring for the co-op and asked if SNO would consider extending the terms of the loan from 10 years to 20 years. Seaen MacKay made a motion to extend the loan, Bill Lloyd seconded, motion carried.

New Business: Discussion to possibly move money from the NRP absentee landlord revolving loan program to the Business revolving loan program.

Seaen MacKay moved to adjourn the meeting Melissa Davis seconded and motioned carried.

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