Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

July 26th, 2005

Meeting Minutes

All board members were present except Bob Sorg.

Meeting called to order at 7:00

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Previous Meeting’s Minutes

May Meeting Minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Frank Stone motioned to accept the minutes as amended. Clara seconded. Motion passed.

June meeting minutes read by Kristin Hartley. Frank Stone moved to accept the motions as amended. Chris Keoflgen seconded. Motion passed.

III. Treasurer’s Report

a. Bank Balance: $25,538.88

b. General Funds: $23,663.16

c. CDBG: $-780.22

d. NRP Admin Phase II: $1325.53

IV. Representative Reports

a. Second Precinct Advisory Committee – Jenny Fortman said that she attended the 2PAK meeting. She reported that Lt. Rugel said that the 2nd Precinct still has the lowest crime rate in the City.

b. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development. – Mike Romens said that the Bike Task force approved the concept of the public buying the 17th Ave bridge from the railroad.

c. Community Health Program – Mike Romens said that CHP is using word of mouth to locate clients. He said that they ask for people who notice that an elderly neighbor with yard conditions to call the CHP and they will help them with their yard and use it as an outreach opportunity. He said that they have just gotten 2 new Sheridan residents as clients through word of mouth.

d. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee – Chris Keoflgen reported that AFCAC did not meet last month.

V. Committee Reports

a. Events Committee – Jenny Fortman said that SNO is looking for someone to organize the SNOcial or SNO Big Deal.

b. NRP – John Akre said the NRP committee has got an intern to do a study of neighborhood lighting. He said that they will be looking over the surveys they received and working on their plan for the future.

c. Outreach/SNO News – No report.

d. Business – No report.

VI. Update on Grain Belt Phase I Housing – Ross Fefercorn – Jenny Fortman said that the task force feels that the changes to the project that have been proposed by Ross reflect their concerns and they passed a motion in support of the project so that it can move along. Ross Fefercorn said that they are on good terms with the SHIPO and they have incorporated changes recommended by SHIPO. He said that they are waiting for the formal letter of approval from SHIPO before they can go before the city. Ross said that they have increased the setback and increased the size of the courtyard to improve the view of the old Grain Belt buildings. Ross said that they reduced the size of the underground parking and thus had to reduce the density of the housing. This allowed for a larger setback on Main St. and a clear view of the Brew House from Main Street. He said that this reduced the number of units from 176 to 152. Ross said that they have added some parking to the Office Building for guest parking. Ross said they are putting a storage tanks for storm water runoff generated by the paved surfaces. Ross said that there will be about 5500 sq. ft. of retail. Ross said that the prices will be between $135-$141 a sq. ft. Ross said that they are delivering drawings tomorrow to SHIPO for final approval. He said that these will be the drawings that they will use for City approval. Jenny Fortman read a letter of support for the project to send the City. Frank Stone moved that SNO send the letter. Ezra Ebner seconded. Motion passed.

VII. Sheridan Park as Veteran Memorial, Conceptual Plans – Jenny gave a brief history of the project and how it came to the attention of the Sheridan board. Frank Stone presented the three designs provided by Metropolitan Design Center. Jenny said that August 3rd is the deadline for public comments on the designs. Jenny said here will be one more meeting with the Design Center to create one final conceptual design. Then the plan has to go through the City and the Regional Park process before it can be approved.

VIII. Open Microphone

a. John Akre thanked the board for passing the transit resolution.

IX. Announcements

a. John Akre said that National Night out is next Tuesday,

b. Tom Taylor said that there is a puppet show at Bottineau library tomorrow night at 6:00.

c. Trish Schilling said that Chip Schilling is having an exhibition of prints at the Open Book Lobby Gallery. There is a reception on July 28th, from 6:30 – 8:30.

Ezra Ebner moved to adjourn. Frank Stone seconded. Motion passed.

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