Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

August 22nd, 2005

Meeting Minutes

All board members were present except Kristine Harley and Clara Perrin.

Meeting called to order at 7:00

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Previous Meeting's Minutes – Previous meeting minutes read by Ezra Ebner. Chris Keoflgen motioned to accept the minutes. Frank Stone seconded. Motion passed.

III. Treasurer's report

a. Bank Balance: $25, 538.89

b. General Funds: $23, 663.16

c. CDBG: $-787.72

d. NRP Admin: $1,325.53

IV. Representative Reports

a. Second Precinct Advisory Committee (2PAC) – No meeting in summer

b. Mississippi Eastside Neighborhood Development (MEND) – Library Fountain – Jenny Fortman said that there is an issue with the naming rights for the library fountain. She said that Mike Rainville solicited a donation of $50,000 to finish the fountain in exchange for the naming rights for the fountain. She said this would be enough money to finish the fountain, but not enough to finish the landscaping.

c. Community Health Program (CHP) – Mike Romens reported that CHP is looking to bring an additional help for Susan at the CHP. Susan said that if anyone is interested, they should contact her.

d. Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee (AFCAC) – Chris Keoflgen reported during the last AFCAC meeting they discussed AFCAC’s mission. They have now set up an ad-hoc committee to redefine the AFCAC mission. Jenny Fortman said there will be a meeting with the Minnesota Pollution Agency and the Department of Agriculture on August 22nd at 7:00.

V. Committee reports

a. Events Committee – Ice Cream Social – Seaen MacKay – Jenny Fortman said that Seaen is going to organize the Ice Cream Social and would like to do a flyer to promote it. She is planning for September 1st from 6:00 to 8:00. She is asking for a budget of $650 for the Ice Cream SNOcial. Frank Stone moved to allocate $650 for the SNOcial. Chris Keoflgen seconded. Motion passed.

b. NRP – John Akre said that next meeting is September 19th at the SNO office. He said there are going to interview an intern candidate on Friday. He said that at the next meeting they with their representative on the planning commission.

c. Outreach/SNO News – No report

d. Business – No business report

e. Board – Interim Board Actions – No interim board actions. Jenny said that David Kuhlman has retrieved the data from the hard drive for free. Jenny said that the office needs a new computer, plus new software, and she would also like to get a copier for the office. Jenny asked that the board motion to allocate the money to purchase the new equipment. Franks Stone motioned to allocate $1,500 for new office equipment. Chris Keoflgen seconded. Motion passed. Chris Keoflgen motioned to send Dan Kuhlman a written letter to thank him for his help with our computer. Frank Stone seconded. Motion passed.

VI. City of Lakes Land Trust – Jeff Washburn gave a presentation on the City of Lakes Land Trust. A question and answer on the land trust followed. Jeff asked that SNO consider land trust as one of the options when communicating with developers and when allocating its resources. He presented a letter that he would like SNO to consider sending in support of the land trust.

VII. Ritz Theater – John Kramer, Jennifer Young & Craig Harris – Jenny said that the Ballet of the Dolls would like to restore the façade of the Ritz Theater to its original design. She also said that there is $10,000 dollars that has been allocated for pre-development that should be allocated to development. Frank Stone motioned to move this money from pre-development to development. Chris Keoflgen seconded. Motion passed. Jenny said that Ritz Theater Foundation would like to use the business revolving loan fund to develop the parking lot. However, this would exceed the limits of the loan program. In addition, the terms of the loan would not be favorable to the Ritz Theater Foundation so she would like to waive the loan qualifications for this loan. Frank Stone motioned to allow the Ritz theater foundation to borrow $50,000 from the revolving loan fund and to waive the qualifications for the load. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed. John Kramer gave a presentation on the new parking lot. He said that the Ritz will have to coordinate with other businesses on 13th to open, close, and patrol the lot. John then gave a presentation on the plan for the redevelopment of the theater itself. He said that they are planning to split the space so now they will a space separated from the theater for rehearsals or rental. He also described the restoration to the façade that they are planning. He said that they are planning to restore the 1948 marquee and not the current marquee. Jenny said that the businesses on 13th are interested in taking out a loan to donate to the Ritz Theater. Frank Stone motioned to allow individual businesses to borrow from the revolving business loan program and contribute the funds from the loans to the Ritz Theater in aggregate of greater than $10,000. Bob Sorg seconded. Motion passed. Jim Boyle thanked SNO for its support.

VIII. Open Microphone

a. LuAnn Wilcox said that she is running for the Park Board District 1.

b. Tracy Wahl asked for advice on how to deal with the problem properties on 14th. Jenny said that police ask you to continue to call 911.

IX. Announcements

a. Mayslack's 50th Anniversary

b. Bob Sorg said come to the SNOcial on September 1st.

c. Jenna Bjerken announced there is a benefit for the Tom's barber shop fire at the Spring Street Bar on Sunday.

X. Adjourn

Chris Koeflgen moved to adjourn. Ezra Ebner seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:10.

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