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SNO Big Deal Picnic

SNO Big Deal Picnic

By Trish Schilling

The traditional SNO Big Deal torrential rain storm didn't dampen the spirits of over 100 Sheridan neighbors that gathered for the SNO Big Deal picnic on Saturday June 16th. A little thunder and lightning only added to the excitement of the event.

This was the 3rd summer picnic party to be organized by the SNO events committee. Year one brought out 30 neighbors and last year 60 neighbors came to the picnic. This year as in the past, Dora Harris took responsibility of the head count. "It's definitely over 100 people" Harris stated at the height of the event, "everyone is moving around and I can't keep track anymore". The SNO events committee hoped and planned for 120 people to attend and since all the BBQ was gone by the end of the day, the event was proclaimed a great success.

Sheridan's one and only park at 13th Avenue NE and the Mississippi River was, once again, the location of the festivities. Tom Taylor held forth on the BBQ, looking spiffy in his chef's cap even after the storm. Terry Lee Storhaug and The Tinkers' Rob and Chris O'Malley took turns providing live accompaniment for the famous SNO Cake Walk. There was fabulous food, fabulous music and plenty of oppotunity to mingle with neighbors. Even political candidates running for 1st and 3rd Ward City Council offices made a visit to the picnic, taking time to sample the lunch and get the opinions of Sheridan neighbors.

The SNO Big Deal budget was set not to exceed $1000.00 and the final tally of expenses came in under budget at $817.58. Expenses included the picnic canopy , table and chair rentals, port-a-potty rental, advertising flyers, paper and plasticware, soda pop and photo developing. Donations were exceptional as always. Thank you letters went out to the following businesses and individuals for their support: Boone Trucking, Dusty's, Erte, Modern Cafe, Bob and Nancy Birch, Tom Ferguson and The Eddies.

Also, thanks to everyone that brought a potluck dish or a cake for the cake walk or volunteered to help. And, thanks to the following events committee members for their hard work planning the SNO Big Deal: Sally Waterman, Trish Schilling, Tom Taylor, Mike Romens, Arden Miller and Dora Harris. It is active volunteers and caring, sharing neighbors that make Sheridan so great!

If you missed the SNO Big Deal this year, don't worry. People are already starting to think of great ways to celebrate Sheridan at the fourth annual SNO Big Deal, coming your way in the summer of 2002.

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Volunteer: The Pay Is Better Than Money

By Jenny Fortman

Volunteering can enrich your life and improve your community. We all have things that are important to us and you have an opportunity to personally impact any number of issues in your neighborhood when you volunteer. For me, it is important to feel like a part of my community. As a member of the SNO (Sheridan Neighborhood Organization) events committee, I have been amazed at the great things accomplished by a handful of people that invest a few hours of their time each month. The friendships and good times I have gained are a huge return on that investment.

Thanks to the hard work of Sheridan residents and business owners, we have a neighborhood which is steadily improving. Sheridan volunteers can be credited with organizing and implementing everything from home improvement initiatives to fun community events. SNO is a 100% volunteer organization. So, even phone calls to the SNO office are answered by a caring neighbor.

Take the time to consider what you want in your neighborhood. Join a committee that interests you or form a new one. The active SNO committees are: Business, Events, Housing/Safety and Outreach. For information about committee meeting times and places, call the SNO Office (612) 379-0728 or check the web site at

If you don't feel you have very much time to offer, there are still plenty of ways to participate. Come to monthly meetings: Your input, as a resident or business owner, is very important. Make phone calls: Thirty minutes of phone calling once a month helps remind people about important meetings and events. Volunteer once a year: We can always use extra help for annual events and the annual meeting. I assure you it is worth the investment. When you volunteer, the rewards are far better than anything money can buy.


by Trish Schilling

Very soon, there will be information coming out regarding $100,000.00 in Sheridan NRP funds recently made available for businesses to improve the exteriors of their properties. As it stands, the NRP dollars will most likely come in the form of a zero percent loan. That's right! After very minimal closing costs, businesses will have an interest free loan!

The SNO Business Committee (chaired by Drew Trampe) along with SNO President Andy Nederveld and SNO Secretary John Akre have worked hard to get changes made to the NRP plan so funds can go to business owners. "We're excited to be able to offer a program to help improve Sheridan's commercial properties. Never before has the neighborhood offered such a program," Nederveld said.

"We wanted the program to provide incentive and be appealing to business owners. It had to meet MCDA and NRP guidelines and have the approval of our residential neighbors. At this point we're really close, if the program is not actually in place by the time you read this it will be implemented soon." - Drew Trampe.

So, Sheridan businesses, keep your eyes peeled for mailings and for information in the Northeaster regarding how to apply! You can always call the SNO office at (612) 379-0728 with questions. A helpful SNO volunteer will return your call.

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By Trish Schilling

Pretty soon, we will all have to do a little bit more than "just show up" to be considered SNO Members, to run for the SNO Board and to vote at the SNO Annual Election.

A diligent committee, chaired by Melissa Davis, is getting all the paper work in line for submitting a federal 501(c)(3) application which allows non-profit organizations to operate with tax exempt status. Most churches, colleges and other neighborhood organizations have 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status.

501C3 will allow all donations to be tax deductible. It will allow SNO to increase communication channels by sending mail at a reduced rate. It will allow SNO to apply for and receive grants and funding in addition to the MCDA, NRP and other City of Minneapolis Funds already received.

One of the requirements of 501 (c) (3) is that SNO comply with state non-profit requirements. Providing proof of membership in the organization is a Minnesota requirement. This means neighbors must indicate that they want to be a member of SNO, "just showing up" is good, but not good enough. If think this sounds like a lot of bureaucratic red tape hoowey, it is! It's Minnesota law and the benefits of complying are worth it. So, it is time for SNO to take this big step.

Requirements for membership in SNO will not change: If you live in Sheridan or own property or a business in Sheridan, you can be a member - no duties, no obligations - but a signed form saying you agree to be a member must be on file at the SNO office.

It is important that everyone sign up prior to the next annual meeting in April of 2002. To vote at that meeting, you must have been a registered SNO member for at least three business days! So, let your neighbors know this change is coming. Then, sign-up and spread the word so everyone knows they need to get signed up too!

Oh LOOK! Here's the form to become an official SNO member now!!!







__Business Owner

__Property Owner

I choose to be a member of Sheridan Neighborhood Organization.


Clip this form and send it in to the SNO Office:

Sheridan Neighborhood Organization (SNO)

909 Main Street NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

Or, bring it to the next monthly meeting...4th Monday of each month, 7PM,

Northeast Neighborhood House.

Sheridan Clinic at (612) 362-4111 to schedule an appointment.

Environmental Services at (612) 348-9266. Orders are due in by September 19th.

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Northeast Dinner Bell, a non-profit organization of Meals on Wheels, which serves meals in the Northeast and St. Anthony neighborhoods needs your help. This service helps seniors remain in their homes by offering nutritious hot meals from 11:30-2:30 daily.

Volunteers can choose to give as little as one hour a month and still make a great and rewarding impact. Please contact Eileen Hafften, Director of Northeast Dinner Bell, at 612-789-6548 to get involved.


By John Akre

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) was hit by a major funding setback in June with the last minute passage of the Minnesota State budget. The budget created tax cuts and limits on the use of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) spending that in effect eliminated the NRP's funding source.

The city of Minneapolis has pledged to honor NRP commitments and the programs in Sheridan's existing NRP plan will continue. But chances that a second phase of NRP will be funded seem low at this time.

The Sheridan Neighborhood adopted its NRP plan in 1997. Members of Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY) wrote the plan after a lengthy process of surveying the neighborhood and dozens of meetings. The full NRP plan can be read on the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization web site:

The NRP was established in 1991 as a program to improve Minneapolis neighborhoods through programs designed by the residents of those neighborhoods. The funding for NRP came from extra revenues derived from the city's TIF districts.

The legislation that established NRP also established that it was primarily to be a program to improve housing. The legislation established that the majority of NRP funds must be spent on housing. The Sheridan NRP plan targeted nearly 80% of the $2 million allocated for Sheridan to housing programs. Other areas funded included Crime and Safety, Youth, and Business.

As of June 30, 2001, $643,513.02 of Sheridan's $2,034,000 in NRP funds had been spent. Sheridan's NRP plan has also made money, in a way. The Revolving Home Improvement Loan program has revolved back $45,000 that can be sent out to neighbors for new home improvement loans.

Since the Sheridan Neighborhood NRP plan was adopted, the neighborhood has changed. A new neighborhood organization, SNO, has taken over the responsibility of administering the NRP plan. Another change that the neighborhood has seen is a huge increase in home prices in the last four years, due in part to the metro-wide housing shortage. A considerable amount of money in the NRP plan, over $700,000, was targeted to buy and demolish existing housing in the neighborhood. This past year, SNO has begun to look at other ways to use these funds.

Last year, SNO moved $9,600 into the Crime and Safety section of the plan to fund the first year of a Cops on Bikes program in partnership with the Bottineau neighborhood. This summer Bottineau funded the program. The Cops on Bikes program buys police time for officers to patrol the neighborhood on bicycles during summer months.

In March, the SNO board approved moving $100,000 of the demolition dollars to fund a deferred loan of Fix and Paint housing program for this year. Another $100,000 was moved to the Business section of the plan to fund a program to help businesses make exterior improvements. This program, a 0% loan program for neighborhood businesses developed by the SNO Business Committee, will be up and running soon.

At its July meeting, SNO made a change in the NRP plan that would allow the School Board to be reimbursed for funds spent to improve their parking lot. This work was done some time ago and was never included in the original Sheridan NRP plan, so doesn't affect Sheridan NRP funds.

At its September 24th board meeeting, SNO will discuss another modifications to the Sheridan NRP plan. The original plan provided $70,000 toward a Northeast community center on Jackson Square that was never built. The SNO board will consider transferring that money to provide extra resources to the new Pierre Bottineau Library, which will be built at the Grain Belt Gasthouse.

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Candidates for First Ward and Third Ward seats are plentiful

By Margo Ashmore

The Minneapolis City Council is sure to have several new faces, as in many parts of the city, the incumbents are not running for re-election. In Northeast, however, they are, and each has several opponents.

For the First Ward, which covers all of Northeast east of Central Avenue and west to Fifth Street (part of Sheridan Neighborhood) five candidates have filed.

They are Gary Bowman, Lori McCready, incumbent Paul Ostrow, Dave Ramstad, and Jeremy Stomberg.

For the Third Ward, which includes most of Sheridan and most of Northeast west of Central Avenue, plus about one-third of the North Side (across the river from Sheridan, north of Broadway), five candidates have filed. They are: Incumbent Joe Biernat, Brian Monroe, Shane Price, Valdis Rozentals, and Makeda Zulu-Gillespie.

Primary elections are Tuesday, September 11th and General elections are Tuesday, November 8th. Polls are open from 7AM-8PM. For more information, visit the city's website at and click on "election filings" which appears at the left of the screen.


By Kathy Welch

Ballet of the Dolls will present The Red Shoes in the soon-to-be renovated Ritz Theater to kick off their fundraising campaign to refurbish the theater. Set in the 1940's Technicolor world of ballet and vanity, The Red Shoes explores a dancer's struggle to balance her life and her art. The Red Shoes will be the first live performance inside the Ritz Theatre in over 2 decades.

Ballet of the Dolls Artistic Director Myron Johnson joins forces with composer Craig Harris in this premiere artistic event. Famous for his unorthodox transformations of classic ballets, Myron Johnson will apply his unique touch to The Red Shoes. Original music for violin, piano and electronics will be composed and performed by Craig Harris. Harris, composer of concert, theatre and ballet music, is best known for his composition, "The Hill Has Something to Say" premiered by singer Renee Fleming at the Lincoln Center in May 2000. The Red Shoes will start the Ballet of the Dolls along the path of including more live music in performance.

Opening night, September 20, will feature a gala fundraiser for the Ritz project. The evening will provide a remarkable opportunity for audiences to catch a glimpse of the "Ritz in the rough," and to get a sense of what it will be like when the theater renovation is completed. The gala event will include food, drinks and silent auction showcasing local artist's work.

The Red Shoes runs for one week only from September 19-22 at Sheridan's very own Ritz Theatre (345 - 13th Ave NE). Performance Schedule:

Wednesday, September 19, 8PM preview - price $15, $10 for NE residents Thursday, September 20, 5:30PM gala benefit to kick off capital campaign -price $150

Friday, September 21, 8PM show - price $25, $22 for students and seniors Saturday, September 22, 2PM matinee - price $18, $16 for students and seniors

Saturday, September 22, 8PM show - price $25, $22 for students and seniors Call 612-623-7660 for tickets and further information.

Editor's Note: The Ballet of the Dolls is collecting anecdotal information regarding past experiences people have had at the Ritz Theater. If you have a story to tell, give them a jingle at (612) 623-7660. See that great NE ticket price for the September 19th show?!

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