Sheridan Neighborhood Organization


Crime & Safety

Vision: Sheridan envisions a safe neighborhood free of crime.


Goal 1: Create a neighborhood that is safe and livable for all residents of Sheridan.

Objective A: Implement Crime & Safety initiatives.

Strategy 1: STAY will hire a full time staff person who will continue to develop and implement Crime & Safety and Community Building activities. The range of their duties will include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Coordinating initiatives with C.C.P./S.A.F.E.;
  • Work toward achieving 100% block organization;
  • Work toward the elimination of drug houses and drug activity;
  • Working with youth to plan and implement anti-crime efforts;
  • Partnering with block clubs to address absentee landlords/problem tenants issues;
  • Participate with neighborhood block patrols as a team member;
  • Assist in the coordination of other neighborhood activities/duties as assigned.

Resources: $80,000 in NRP Funds: Personnel $20,000 (1998)

$18,000 (1999)

$16,000 (2000)

$14,000 (2001)

Operating $12,000 (1998)

Partners:Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY)


Minneapolis Police Department


Timeline: 1998 - 2001

Contract Manager: NRP


Objective B: Increase Block Club organizing.

Strategy 1: Purchase equipment for use by neighborhood block clubs. This equipment may include: cellular telephones, walkie talkies, flashlights, block watch signs, scooters and other supplies as needed. The budget is anticipated to provide block club equipment support for five years. STAY will also develop an inventory system geared toward maintaining the equipment's longevity.

Resources: $30,000 in NRP Funds: $30,000 (1998)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY) NRP

Timeline: 1998 - 2002

Contract Manager: NRP


Objective C: Increase tenants and landlords involvement and stake in the community.

Strategy 1: STAY's Crime and Safety Committee and staff person will work to increase its outreach to tenants and landlords.

Resources: $ 0; (Included in Objective A, Strategy 1)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY) NRP

Timeline: 1997 - ongoing

Contract Manager: none


Objective D: Improve police services.

Strategy 1: STAY's Crime & Safety Committee and its staff person will coordinate efforts with the Minneapolis Police Department to achieve better enforcement of existing violations/ordinances (curfew/truancy/speeding/parking/noise).

Resources:$ 0; (Included in Objective A, Strategy 1)

Partners:Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY) Minneapolis Police Department

Timeline: 1998 - ongoing

Contract Manager: none

Objective E: Increase homeowner safety.

Strategy 1: STAY will work with CCP/S.A.F.E. to provide matching grant monies for the purchase and installation of motion lighting for neighborhood homes and owner occupied duplexes.

Resources: $37,500 in NRP Funds; $18,750 (1998)

$18,750 (1999)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY) CCP/S.A.F.E.


Timeline: 1998 - 1999

Contract Manager: NRP


Note: in 2003, the following Objective and strategy were added and funded with $10,000 from B1:

"Objective F: Increase transportation safety

Strategy 1: SNO will establish a fund for bicycle amenities, including but not limited to bike route signs, bike racks, and funding for off-road bicycle paths."


Vision: To enhance the self-expectations, lifeskills, and opportunities of our youth.

Goal 1: Increase young people's experiences for healthy development.

Objective A: Develop rewarding youth employment opportunities.

Strategy 1: $20,000 in NRP funds will be provided to the Pierre Bottineau Library in 1998 for the purchase of new computers and other resources. The acquisition of such, and other materials will help improve job searching capabilities for area youth. Funding will be contingent upon library adapting accessible hours for community utilization.

Resources: $20,000 in NRP Funds $20,000 (1998)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY)

Minneapolis Public Library

Timeline: 1998

Contract Manager: Minneapolis Public Library




Strategy 2: Partner with Minneapolis Employment & Training Program (NMTP) to provide gainful experiences for youth between the ages of 11 and 18. This initiative will foster quality employment opportunities within the community, and leverage their employers financial resources.

Resources: $10,000 in NRP Funds $10,000 (1998)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY)


Timeline: 1998

Contract Manager: METP


Objective B: Create and/or collaborate on enrichment activities for young people, ages 11 - 16, in the Sheridan neighborhood.

Strategy 1: STAY will designate funds for an implementation pool, to be used in collaboration with other northeast neighborhoods in the construction of a multi-neighborhood community center, which will offer Sheridan youth educational and athletic opportunities. Funds shall only be disbursed if all other funds to be used for construction are raised.

Resources: $70,000 in NRP Funds $70,000 (1998)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY)

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Minneapolis School Board

Minneapolis Public Library Board

Other Northeast Neighborhoods


Hennepin County

Timeline: 1998

Contract Manager: Hennepin County



Vision: To reinvest, reinvigorate, and revitalize our commercial sector.

Goal 1: Improve neighborhood businesses.

Objective A: Reclaim the "Ritz Theatre" site for use in the 13th Avenue business corridor.

Strategy la: $75,000 in NRP Funds will be provided to restore the Ritz if $500,000 in additional funds is secured by the party doing the restoration to the satisfaction of the STAY Board and NRP/MCDA.

Resources: $75,000 in NRP Funds; $ 75,000 (1998)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY)


Timeline: 1998

Contract Manager: MCDA


*If Strategy la cannot be attained, Strategies lb and lc will be implemented.

Strategy lb: If the restoration of the Ritz Theatre fails, $50,000 of NRP Funds will be provided towards the demolition of the Ritz Theatre site. The property owner of the site is MCDA.

Resources: $50,000 in NRP Funds; $50,000 (1998)

Partners: Sheridan Today and Yesterday (STAY)



Timeline: 1998

Contract Manager: MCDA


Strategy 1c: Provide NRP Funds towards the subsidization of an elevator to be installed within the University Crossings building. A one-to-one match of private funds will contribute to the handicapped accessibility of this facility.

Resources: $ 25,000 in NRP Funds:

$ 25,000 (1998)


University Crossings




Contract Manager: MCDA

Strategy 2: Provide one-to-one matching funds towards the subsidization of a handicapped accessible elevator to be installed within the Polish White Eagle Association Building.

Resources: $50,000 in NPP Funds;

$50,000 (1998)


Polish White Eagle Association



Timeline: 1998

Contract Manger: MCDA

Note: in 2001 a new stragegy was added and funded at $100,000:

Strategy 3: Provide a loan program to fund exterior business improvements.


 Goal 1: Implement the Sheridan Neighborhood Action Plan

Objective A: Coordinate and implement the action plan strategies in the areas of Housing, Crime and Safety, Youth and Business.

Strategy 1: Allocate funding to retain a coordinator/organizer to oversee the implementation of its Neighborhood Action Plan, and to cover associated operating expenses, as directed by STAY.

Resources: $50,000 in NRP Funds: $50,000

Personnel $20,000 (1998)

Operating $6,000 (1998)

$6,000 (1999)

$6,000 (2000)

$6,000 (2001)

$6,000 (2002)

Partners: STAY


Timeline: 1998 - 2002

Contract Manager: NRP


Budget Allocations

Housing $1,611,500

Crime & Safety $147,500

Youth $100,000

Business $125,000

Implementation $50,000

TOTAL $2,034,000


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